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Yearbooks are now on sale

posted Jan 29, 2019, 9:06 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Emmie Fierstine 

The yearbook is something almost every school has but, is your yearbook awesome? Well, I know Moorhead High School has one of the most creative, fun yearbooks you will find.

Every year our school offers a yearbook class where students learn to take photos and put together the yearbook. Every single page of the yearbook is student made and approved by the yearbook teacher Denetre Stetz.

Yearbook is a class that everyone takes (or tries to take) because you know that you’ll have fun with Stetz. Each student gets assigned around 5- 8 pages they create with the pictures they took. Those pages vary from sports to staff. The editor they use is Yearbook student Cole Johnson says “On a scale from one to ten, on how hard to use Pictavo is, is a 1-2.”

To spread the yearbook around and to get people to purchase them, the class creates posters, signs, and they even speak on the announcements about it. One way they sell the yearbook is through their Instagram page. The Instagram page features students and staff. It lets them share their opinion on the school.

Most people don’t recognize the effort these students put into making the yearbook every year and making each and every yearbook different from the previous years. As Stetz says “buy your yearbook now!“they are available for purchase on PowerSchool pay for it and you can get yours for the small fee of $50 or $54 with your name. Make sure to order before May 10!