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Voters to decide future of MHS on Tuesday

posted Nov 3, 2019, 9:25 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: Hailey Goulet
News Editor

The discussion of building a new school has been around for a while now, but finally, it's starting to become a reality. On November 5, the community will vote on the Referendum and decide Moorhead High’s fate. Overcrowding is near the top of the list of concerns. The current building is already over capacity and enrollment numbers are only projected to increase as large classes make their way through the middle school.

The idea of the new school has many people talking, both students and families. Many are excited about the new school. If the referendum passes, current construction projections slate the completion of the project for the start of the 2024-25 school year, or when this year’s seventh grade class would be seniors. 

Voters last approved a referendum four years ago and major construction at Horizon Middle School followed. The last major construction project at MHS was the addition of the 9th grade wing nearly two decades ago. 

On October 24, there was a State of the District meeting at Probstfield Elementary, to discuss the referendum. There was also a tour of the high school scheduled for October 29 for families, community members, and fellow students to see the changes that are to be made to the school. 

The new referendum has been the topic of discussion as many are curious about how the new school will turn out and what will happen to the school and the surrounding streets and parking lots. The construction down the road for the new underpass is still going on as well and with the construction going on, many are worried about space for parking and for traffic being overfilled. Plans in place would add paved parking on the west side of the existing site, with additional parking created east of the school.

The new school could possibly help bring more families and students to the school district and with the new school, which may result in an increase of faculty and staff. Moorhead staff and students are excited to see how the new school turns out and how the community will react to the new building. The new school is planned to be split into secluded sections for certain subjects, including art and science. 

According to the State of District , when and if the bond gets approved, the $110 million will be used to rebuild the existing high school, and add a career academy for all secondary students to provide pathways to multiple career pathways and opportunities. This new school is said to be able to hold 2,200 to 2,400 thousand students. It’s also said to provide natural daylight to help students feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

The new career academy is said to be located at Sam’s Club in Moorhead that the district recently purchased. The building will have new labs, classrooms, and spaces to help students interested in the career field of science, health, technology and farm trade. The building is hoping to hold approximately 300 students, along with space for the district’s learning center. The existing building will stay and the inside will be renovated to provide space and to provide natural daylight for the students and staff. The renovation is said to cost approximately $9 to $10 million.