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Spuds host military as part of 'career day'

posted Nov 3, 2019, 9:34 AM by Andrew Tichy
Sergeant Brandon Fulk (Left) informed students about the US Army during 'Career Day' at MHS.
Photo: Esther Padi | The Spud 

By: Esther Padi
News Reporter

With the future of the students in mind, especially that of the seniors, the administration of Moorhead High School organizes the career day for students each year to enable them to get in touch with business professionals and ask them important questions which will help them in terms of what career they would want to go in for in the near future. This year’s event happened last Thursday and the theme was Military. 

While several current military members were on hand to answer questions, the mission was not to recruit, but rather to inform. 

“Even though this occupation has lots of opportunities to offer I cannot bring myself to the fact that I am going to harm someone else,” said MHS senior Emmanuel Adams. 

    Other students were intrigued by the visit. 

“The answer I always give is that it is my family’s tradition but that’s not just it, you know, I am in  PAY and I’m also a peer tutor. I love helping people but I just don’t want it to end there I want to be a part of something bigger than what I do now and I don’t have to hurt anyone,” said Jevon Page. 

Additionally officers like Sergeant Brandon Fulk in the US Army are very positive about what he does."This is a great job because you're always doing something new. I'm not here to force anyone to join the army, but I'm here to help people through what I do,” said Fulk. “There are lots of opportunities involved in this job and that is what I want the students to know. That is why I'm here.”