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Spotlight Shines on Super Spuds

posted Mar 22, 2019, 8:40 AM by Andrew Tichy
By: McKenzie Broers

Every week a student is chosen for Spud Spotlight. Spud Spotlight recognizes a student that has demonstrated Spud character (Kindness, leadership, growth, etc.). But many students have wondered how you can win Spud Spotlight. It all begins with an email, or multiple emails. In these emails are surveys sent by Counselor Maret Kashmark to all the teachers and faculty members of MHS. The surveys are not required to be filled out, teachers and staff fill them out voluntarily.  

The survey works like this: the people who choose to fill them out select a student whose name they put down. After selecting a student they write a short paragraph explaining why they chose that particular student. The surveys are then submitted back to Maret Kashmark and it is up to her to determine who is Spud Spotlight of that week. There are no restrictions to who can be nominated, it can be absolutely anyone.  

Last weeks Spud Spotlight was senior Carson Kitch, who was nominated by Mrs. Krystal Anderson. This isn’t the first time Anderson nominated Carson for Spud Spotlight. She said that she nominated Carson for one key reason, his overall growth. She has been noting his progress for about 10 years. And one of his biggest milestones was overcoming his being hard of hearing. Anderson made the statement that a great trait for Spud Spotlight is the ability to be someone outside themselves. She said Carson has worked hard over the years in order to fulfil his passion for music. Despite being hard of hearing he plays percussion in band, jazz band and pep band. It's inspirational to hear about someone pursuing a passion of theirs despite the barriers in their way.

When Carson found out about his being selected for Spud Spotlight he said the first thing that came to his mind was shock. “I was shocked that I was selected out of the…600 kids in the school.” Carson said. He also mentioned an interesting story about one of his friends reactions to the news. “I remember when one of my friends found out I was Spud Spotlight they kept on joking to me about it, and saying things like ‘no way! that was you?!’ and ‘I can’t believe that!’”. But Carson has taken the news in stride as he claims to see the nomination as something not to brag about, but something to acknowledge all of the personal growth he has put into his high school career. He said that in order to overcome all of his obstacles and achieve things he needed to “work his butt off”.

Even today he still works hard to maintain all of his work he put into not only high school, but his life. We can all learn something from Carson Kitch’s example. We should work hard if we actually want to achieve something, and to see something like Spud Spotlight as a chance to recognize progress that has been made. Humble, hard working students like Carson Kitch is what Spud Spotlight is really about.