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MHS send four debaters to State

posted Feb 24, 2019, 1:27 PM by Andrew Tichy
Four MHS Debaters qualified for this year's MSHSL State Tournament, held at the U of M January 18-19.
From Left to Right: Beth Teiken, Talia Williams, Claire Stoltenow, Tate Gilbertson.
Photo: Andrew Tichy | Special to The Spud

By: April Becker

Moorhead takes pride in many activities, one being Debate. Moorhead Debate has 3 main categories; Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas and Congress. Public Forum is two teams of two who take turns giving speeches and also question each others argument. There is a resolution that changes every month. Lincoln Douglas is very similar to Public Forum except it is one person versus another and the arguments are more ethics based where Public Forum is more numbers based. Congress is 15-20 people who imitate actual congress and debate bills to pass or shut them down and they get judged on how much they participate and how good their speeches are. Tate Gilbertson participated in the Public forum and qualified for state with his partner Talia Williams. Gilbertson says “It felt amazing to qualify for state, especially since I didn’t qualify last year.” The Moorhead Debate team had two others qualify for state as well, Claire Stoltenow and Beth Teiken both qualified in Congressional Debate. Overall the Moorhead Debate team had a successful year.