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MHS welcomes new Art Teacher

posted Oct 13, 2019, 2:03 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Nina Abdulaziz
Features Reporter

Moorhead High School’s newest art teacher, Joel Korynta, had his first day at Moorhead just like the rest of us. Korynta first taught in Bellevue, Washington for seven years before he moved back to Fargo in 2015. After moving back to Fargo, Korynta taught kindergarten through 5th grade at Legacy Elementary in West Fargo. He’s taught high school and elementary art classes including, digital photography and art and design. Korynta’s interest in art and teaching art began when he was just a kid. He drew cartoons and athletes from a variety of sports. He got many compliments from friends and family and continued to draw, improving his skills to become an art teacher. His favorite part about teaching art would be seeing his students go to the next level with their art and designs. “I love to help students get the confidence that they’re good at something, that they can do the rest of their life.” Korynta says. 

     After teaching in Fargo for four years, Korynta decided to move to Moorhead. Korynta liked what Moorhead public schools offered, such as the spanish immersion classes at Ellen Hopins. He enrolled his son in Ellen Hopkins and applied for an art teaching job at Moorhead High. He’s been wanting to get back into teaching high school for a while and Moorhead seemed like a good school. Teaching in Moorhead has been going great for Korynta.“It’s a really great school, really good community, lots of diverse kids, great art team!” Korynta says.