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Born to teach: Ms Dunn nearing education milestone

posted Apr 29, 2019, 12:40 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Ian Creech

Michelle Dunn is a ninth grade World History/AP Human Geography teacher has been teaching for over 24 years. With such a wealth of experience, it’s only natural for her to be a very effective teacher. After interviewing her, it was clear that her passion towards teaching was genuine, and perhaps that is where her skill in teaching comes from.

Michelle Dunn has always wanted to be a teacher. She cannot remember a time in her life where she did not want to be a teacher. “I have always wanted to be a teacher.  My mom was a 7th grade geography teacher at Agassiz Middle School and my dad was an Agriculture Economics teacher at NDSU so I always was surrounded by teachers. I have always enjoyed working with others and teaching others passions I have and I like making connections, which education offers all of these,” said Dunn. It is interesting that Dunn ended up following in her mother’s footsteps, also teaching Geography, but at a bit of a higher level. Because she had so much experience with teaching from her parents two jobs, it makes sense for her to be interested in a teaching career ever since she was a young girl.

Aside from wanting to be a teacher ever since she was young, it seems that she has absolutely no intention of ever switching jobs. “I believe my only career will be a teacher.  I like being in the classroom and making direct contact and engagement with students.  This career brings me so much joy that I couldn't see myself doing anything else,” said Dunn,“What is great about teaching is doing something I am passionate and love every single day.  I love coming to school and being in the classroom with students. I love the energy and laughter I get with working with others and this job keeps me young and happy.” It’s clear that Dunn’s passion for teaching is very likely what makes her such an effective instructor.

Michelle Dunn is a very skilled teacher. Being around teachers for her whole life and then having 24 years of teaching experience up her belt make her a very effective mentor. It is pretty obvious that Moorhead High School is lucky to have her teaching here.