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Are the skies blue in Brazil?

posted Jan 18, 2019, 11:09 AM by Andrew Tichy
Photo: Ian Creech | The Spud

By: Ian Creech

Nicolas Padula Pinho (Padula and Pinho both being last names), aged 16, is an exchange student here at Moorhead High. He comes from Brazil; more specifically São Paulo, which is located in the southeastern part of the country. Nicolas (though he prefers to be called Nico) has a very interesting view of America and our school, and it was very enjoyable listening to his thoughts on this weird country.

Naturally, the first question that needed to be asked was “Why are you here?” His response is impressive, especially for a kid that’s only 16 years old. Nico said that “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, to try new things, to experience a new culture, and to improve my English.” This is a pretty big task for a young man, but he’s handling it phenomenally. His English is very good, and there are little miscommunications when talking to him. Speaking of handling a new culture, Nico has a few takes from and outsider’s view that are intriguing.

When Nico was asked what the weirdest part about America was, his answer was surprising. He stated that the weirdest thing in America was how toilet paper was used. In Brazil, people have designated trash cans near their toilets in order to throw their toilet paper in after it was being used. The fact that Americans just chuck it in the toilet surprised Nico. He recalled after arriving to America, he was stuck in an airport bathroom for around 10 minutes trying to figure out where he was supposed to put the toilet paper. It’s an interesting difference between these two countries, one that seems miniscule, but still impactful enough to be noticeable among its citizens. Nico also commented on the weird fascination with Fortnite.

Unfortunately, Nico is not staying in Moorhead for very long. “I’m only staying here till July 13th, so you have me for the whole school year.” This may not seem like a long enough time, but it is a long enough time for people to be stupid. Nico said that “A friend of mine genuinely asked me if the skies were blue in Brazil. I thought he was joking, but he was dead serious.” This is amusing, and a nice reminder that the skies are blue no matter where you are. Nicolas Padula Pinho was a blast to interview, and he is definitely a pleasant person to spend time with.