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Joy to the world: The Carolers are back!

posted Dec 27, 2018, 10:31 AM by Andrew Tichy
The MHS Carolers perform for seniors in F-M. 
Photo: Kathie Brekke | Special to The Spud

By: Patrick Wirries

Every year, Kathie Brekke leads the Moorhead High School carolers. This year, with a crew of 54 students, they have been plowing through another season of singing. Spreading hope, happiness, and holiday cheer everywhere they go. From schools to business to malls to nursing homes, the carolers are spreading smiles and laughter to everyone they meet. All the preparations that have been made are finally paying their due.

Caroling does have its downsides. The preparations of finding gigs to perform at, getting busses to travel to and from the place of performing, and creating the costumes for the carolers to wear can be stressful at times. So much scheduling has to take place;, however, the stress continues because there’s also the audition process to become a caroler. This process includes being able to sight read, being available for times of performing, being able to manipulate one’s pitch, and having a good character. If someone does make it into caroling, things do start looking up for them.

Caroling does have its on perks too. Carolers are granted the opportunity to perform for so many people each year. It may be overwhelming at first, but once everyone gets to see the smiles on the audience’s face the process becomes worth the time; especially when the carolers go to nursing homes, the folks will  tap along to the beat, the melody. “When we sing for the memory care unit, people come alive and sing the words to the songs with us,” says Mrs. Brekke. “They may not even remember their name, but they can remember the words to Silent Night and Joy to the World.” It is moments like these that make people truly appreciate the work they do. These moments show truth to what the meaning behind caroling is. “The difference between caroling and other activities is that it is not about the students, but rather what the students bring to the community,” said Brekke.

Overall, the carolers bring great joy to the community and to the school. They have become very monumental in our school year that so many people are looking forward to the carolers even if they aren’t auditioning to join themselves. The performances held by the carolers are so cheerful and they also sing so well. Many people are awaiting an opportunity to hear the carolers ever year. Caroling is a great opportunity for anyone in choir, and those who are interested should audition for the next year. The merry times outweigh the troubling moments and anyone who is already a part of caroling can agree.