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District kids enjoy school carnival

posted Nov 3, 2019, 9:30 AM by Andrew Tichy
Zoey Zimara (Center) enjoys the face painting table at the annual Key Club Halloween Carnival.
Photo: Shahean Barwary | The Spud

By: Shahean Barwary
News Reporter

Key Club, a school organization that does work in the community, hosted their annual Halloween carnival for local kids. Club member Molly Hauf says that the atmosphere is always positive, especially because “the excitement that the kids attending have because they get to dress up.” The board consists of Kylie Dumas, Lydia Flaspohler, Molly Hauf, Azylen Lunkak, and Angie Ronning. They weren't all involved, but they still try to help in any way and find it a fun time of the year.

The carnival runs every single year and the environment has never changed. The people that show up are so nice and loving, and their kids are calm. The kids ages range anywhere from three to 12 years old. Most of the kids are always busy playing fun games and activities they have set up. The parents relax and enjoy their time at the carnival because it’s not so big. “I was there, and the parents certainly seemed relaxed,” Hauf stated. Key Club members run the games and make sure the kids are safe and having fun. “Families can come together and celebrate the holiday, as well as stay connected with the rest of the community,” said Hauf.

Key club members “pick up the games at Ellen Hopkins and set them up in the cafeteria,” said Lydia Flaspohler. Many of their games involve tossing items into holes and just winning out of pure luck. Some of the games they set up were pin drop, tossing train, pinball, spot-on, toilet throw, lollipop drop, cat tossing and many more. There are also activities set up during the carnival, like face painting and coloring. “I think the face painting was popular, it's not something that the kids get to do often, so it's exciting for them,” said Hauf.

Key Club does many more activities for the community and the carnival being one of the best. Parents always seem to enjoy bringing their kids to the carnival and is a fun way of spending time with the family.