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Behind the scenes of "Matilda"

posted Oct 13, 2019, 2:12 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Molly Blanchard
A&E Reporter

Every year, Moorhead High Theatre puts on a musical, featuring beautiful songs, thrilling dances, and a compelling story. Behind the actors on stage, the technicians, costumers, and sound and lighting designers play an important role in creating the magic of musicals.

“[The Set] is going to be big… with lots of details,” says Lighting Design Student Leader Scout Holding-Eagle Bushaw. Featuring magic tricks, hand-painted books, and adorable school uniforms, the set will be amazing. 

Excitement is radiating from the team of technicians to bring us into "Matilda"’s Library using lights, set, and costumes. 

“It’s a huge time commitment,” says technician Kelli Forester. “But we love spending time together.” 

The technicians are working on the musical in tandem with the actors and, in some cases, putting in long hours. In general, technicians are at the school from the end of the school day to 8 PM, adding up to more than twenty-two hours in each five-day school week. 

The set of “Matilda” is taking the story behind the show back to the beginning: Roald Dahl. With a bright color scheme to make even the oldest feel like little kids, the set will set a perfect stage for the students performing on the stage.

“We basically live [at Moorhead High],” says Holding-Eagle. From October 16 through 19, the technicians each rack up 40 hours, or 10 hours of work per day.

The dedication from the technicians, sound and lighting designers, and costumers helps create the beautiful musicals each year.