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Art Club continues creation at MHS

posted Oct 13, 2019, 2:20 PM by Andrew Tichy
By: Arianna Long
A&E Editor

At Moorhead High School there are many clubs to get involved with, including, Anime Club, Comic Book Club, Key Club, as well as many more to choose from. Art Clu, is just one of the many great clubs. Marissa Jensen is the teacher and creator of this club, as well as recently having help and extra hands this year from Joel Korynta. This club became up and running in 2017, but about ten years ago there was another art club ran by Grady Carlson and Mick Dunn.

Jensen and Korynta model and structure the art club by using the feedback from the students, and after taking in this information, the teachers start assessing what they bring to the table. “We take in feedback from the members as we go but we do all kinds of media and types of projects that you might see in an art gallery or art show. We do anything ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture, to weaving, mixed media, and beading.” Jensen said. Therefore, there are all kinds of ways for the students to create their own ideas with all the information they are being given.

“Art club is where MHS students can come to learn about and create new projects that are not done in the school art classes,” Jensen explains. “Students can work on developing skills while having a fun time with others who also love making art,” 

This club helps improve not only artistic skills, but as well as social skills. These kids come together and talk about their projects, their days, their ideas, and not only with their classmates, but with the teachers as well. 

“Art club is beneficial for students because the only way to get better at art is to practice the skills,” Jensen says. “In art club you can learn from the instructors as well as peers who have been working on skill development more than you might find in a standard art class. It is also a great way to make friends and build community” 

There are a lot of students that regularly go to and are involved with art club, and it has been a very successful organization, not only is it helping kids with their art skills but it helps them if they have an art assignment due and if they aren't sure how to finish or start their projects,  “Many students come and fill the art room. It seems like a lot of kids at first but everybody who wants to work on developing art skills so the group is kind and manageable and students get down to work making their projects the best they can,” Jensen said. 

Kids at Moorhead High School have a huge variety of clubs to choose from, but this club should be their top choice. Art Club gets together every last Wednesday of the month, to find out more about art club you can contact Marissa Jensen or Joel Korynta. They hope to see you there.