To SMART or not to SMART(phone)? that is the question.

posted Aug 26, 2011, 8:12 AM by Kania Kennedy
I'll admit it, I'm a geek and proud of it!  I love video games, can write computer code, and I loooove gadgets.  While I don't have to have the latest and greatest in cellphones, when I do upgrade I tend to add all the bells and whistles I can afford!

So when my old cellphone went kurplunk a few years back I entered the SMARTphone world.  I heard a lot of hype about these phones, but wasn't sure if it was worth the cost (these plans are not cheap).  I'm not cheap, but I'm frugal so before I implement a new a new piece of technology or add anything else that will cost me money I like to weigh the practicality of the decision.

So I started with a Plam Centro (Do they still make those? LOL) and it was cool.  Ultimately why I was a yes was to have the ability to combine my PDA (Electronic Calendar) with my phone AND sync them with my calendar while on the Go!

I am committed to being FREE.  I don't like be tied down to a desk or a city.  No I don't have commitment issues, because I am committed to being free :-).  My dream is to be able to travel and live my life without having to put my business on hold.  If I want to work in front of the lake instead of being trapped in my home office or tethered to wi-fi at a coffee house or something, I can do that (awesome right?).   

I use the Google Apps for business to run my back office (yes I can and do help small businesses implement and learn how to use these tools) so that means my email, contact list, and calendar are powered by google and with all of the lovely Apps out there for the SMARTphones I could sync them from anywhere! 

So if I made an contact while at a networking event, I can enter the data on the spot and INSTANTLY my address book is updated.  Same for appointments and events.  This means less work for me entering data and keeping my schedule straight.  Pretty SMART huh?

Since then I have upgraded and experienced both the Blackberry and the Android operating systems.  I have not made the investment into an Iphone, mostly because although I love Apple, my life is very PC and Google.  Currently I'm using the DROID from Motorola and while it has had its kinks its decent.  Since I'm frugal, I'll probably keep it until my contract is up or they offer a discounted UPGRADE!  In addition to the calendar and contacts features, I use my phone for accepting payments on the go (gotta be able to make money at any time), blog, tweet, stay connected on Facebook, make and take business calls, email, and soooo much more.  My SMARTphone seminar and training helps my clients and students customize their SMARTphone to work best for them and their specific needs.

End of the day, I think EVERY entrepreneur who is serious about their business needs to invest in a SMARTphone.  It helps you stay quick, accessible, and connected to your business from wherever you are.  If you're worried about needing your space, don't worry...they all come with an OFF BUTTON!!

Reach out to me if you want coaching on what phone, Apps, and or plan makes the most sense for your needs or how to use Google Apps to work SMART not hard.