2015 Advertising Rates
Print Journal 

(Black & White)

(Published in Winter & Summer,  mailed to 450 members and available on Web Page)

Per Issue Rates

Full Page - $250 (7W x 9H)  

1/2 Page -  $150 (7W x 4.5H)

1/4 Page - $100 (3.5W x 4.5H)

Ad to be submitted B&W in PDF or Tiff Format (300 Res.)

Digital Journal   

(Full Color)

(Published Spring & Fall via Email and Available on Web Page for Download)

Full Page - $100

(10W x 7H)

Ad to be submitted in Color in GIF, JPEG, or PDF (300 Res.) 

Print Classifieds

Print/Digital Classified Rates 

FREE for Dues Paid Members. 


20 cents per character for 1 issue

Will be printed in next issue.

Call (718) 442-4500
for more information!
Web Page Ad

Ad on Front Page - $200 for 1 Yr

200px x 200px (2in x 2in)

Gif or JPEG

Ad can be linked to another web page or can be linked to an informational text page.

Include the text and/or link with your graphic. 
Web Classifieds

Free for Dues Paid Members.


$15 for up to 100 words online. 

$10 for each additional 100 words.

Will Stay Online for 90 days on www.TheRCBA.com