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President Obama Pushes Back On The GOP’s "Bumper Sticker" Plan To Lower Oil Prices!

President Obama described his energy policy, accomplishments and vision in a speech at the University of Miami on February 23, 2012. The speech comes as Republicans — both on Capitol Hill and the campaign trail — have seized on rising gas prices, blaming the increase on what they call "Obama’s failed energy policies"The White House is very conscious of the effect that rising gas prices could have on the president's reelection bid, which has been buoyed by recent good news on the economy.
The president spoke of what the White House calls an “all-of-the-above” energy plan that emphasizes expanded drilling, less reliance on foreign oil, fuel efficiency and investments in renewable energy, according to a White House official. The Obama administration "has a strong record of developing new domestic energy sources, expanding oil and gas production, and reducing our reliance on foreign oil,” the official said.

In recent months, the White House has launched an aggressive campaign to tout the president’s record on drilling, pointing to federal data that show increased oil production during Obama’s time in office. In fact since Jan. 2009, the number of oil rigs operating in this country has more than tripled, from 328 to 1,173, as this graph illustrates.