The Rational Majority prevails and beats back
the IRRATIONAL minority!

Now it's time for us all to PULL TOGETHER!

We have the People! We have the Power!

TRM© “An Idea Who’s Time Has Come!”

The Rational Majority© is an umbrella for various projects whose joint mission is to give voice to the millions of Americans who have “HAD ENOUGH”. Each project is geared to work in synergy with the others while working in support of all affiliated progressive groups, organizations, aligned individuals, and others.          
To accomplish our mission we employ several related programs and projects:

The Rational Majority - INformation, INspiration, INvolvement
* Summary
* S.O.S. - The Progressive Information Superhighway
* FACTS & ACTS - The Snap Cap presentation format
* Initial Project - Gun Violence
Your Role - How do you participate?
More about TRM - Philosophy & Rationale
* Florida Democratic Party & March For Our Lives - Support Letters
Student Network - High School & College
Speakers Network - Person-To-Person inspiration and instruction
Across The Generations Network - families bond around issues
* Your Affiliation Statement

Thank you from TRM team!
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