Our Product

Because of its soil and climate, the Rogue Valley is immensely suitable for 

growing a wide variety of pears such as Asian, Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, 

d’Anjou, Star Crimson and others, but by far the most popular is the Bartlett.

Accounting for more than 80% of the pear consumption in the United States and Canada, the Bartlett is also the most suitable for canning. For this reason, we are concentrating our offering on the popular and versatile Green Bartlett.    

Some of our clients have asked if our pears are organic.  They are not. (See FAQ for organic details). However, our farmers comply with all USDA standards. Those standards include: 

•  Close care in controlling inherent diseases, and insect and rodent populations.
•  Strict sanitation guidelines for all who enter the orchard.
•  Close supervision of individual pickers' hygiene.
•  Delivering fresh picked fruit into sanitary cooling facilities daily.

In the interest of saving money our responsible farmers will not use more chemicals than necessary.  In the interest of saving his orchard and crop our farmers only make necessary applications as needed.