Pricing & Territories

Our standard box of pears is what the industry calls a 40-pounder (four-fifths bushel). The weight will vary depending upon the size of the fruit. Larger fruit will pack as little as 38 pounds. Smaller fruit may pack as high as 42 pounds per box.

The cost per box is based on location, location, location.  For pricing in your area contact your area coordinator (below), or Larry  Wolfe 530-249-1156
 or email

The map below displays the current routes covered.  For communities over 25-miles beyond the red highlighted lines, contact the coordinator closest to your destination about possible exceptions.

The Pear Guy* area coordinators are:

California (North of the Grapevine & "High Desert")
Dave & Dolly Morris 530-527-6887

California (South of the Grapevine)
Larry Wolfe 530-249-1156

Idaho (Eastern) 
Kathy Wilcox 801-776-1140 Cell: 801-336- 8565
Kathy's website is: 

Nevada (I-80) 
Larry Wolfe 530-249-1156

Nevada (Clark County)
Chris Riley  801-471-0017

Oregon (I-5) 
Larry Wolfe 530-249-1156

Utah (All north of Salt Lake County)
Kathy Wilcox 801-776-1140 Cell: 801-336- 8565
Kathy's website is:

Utah (All Salt Lake County and everything south)
Chris Riley  801-471-0017

Washington State (S/W) 
Larry Wolfe 530-249-1156

By staying in contact with your area Pear Guy representative, interested parties who may be falling short of the minimum delivery order can be connected with each other for the best possible quantity shipping and handling prices.

 Larry Wolfe does business as, and is the sole proprietor of The Pear Guy, and is not associated with any other company or organization.