Orders & Delivery

For one person to coordinate all the orders for one destination is a superhuman undertaking. What has worked for many of our clients in the past is a reflection of Jethro's counsel to Moses.

Seeing Moses was literally wearing himself out trying to be everything to everyone, Jethro (Moses father-in-law) gave Moses the following [paraphrased] counsel: Ask ten people to coordinate the orders for their counties. Call fifty to coordinate the orders of their respective communities and one-hundred to take the responsibility of neighborhoods. By so doing, Moses discovered his burden was greatly lightened and he could concern himself with putting out only those fires his delegates could not (Exodus 18).

Over the past couple years we have found that the coordinators over their neighborhoods, communities and counties respectively, make everyone's work much more manageable. Every neighborhood has its corporal who is willing to step up to the plate. Likewise, every community has a sergeant, every county has lieutenant, and every order has a general.

The corporals take orders and collect the money from those interested in purchasing quality pears at great prices. They in turn pass over their orders and collections to their respective sergeants, who forward the package to the lieutenants, until the general (Moses) has all the orders prepaid and ready for implementation. Speak to Larry* or your Pear Guy representative for payment details, as each has a different bookkeeping system.    

Each general should designate a fairly central location for a destination/ distribution point. Larry has delivered to a welding shop, a shoe store, several contractor yards, a tire dealer, auto repair shops, churches, barnyards, and many residences over the years.  After The Pear Guy* offloads your pears from a close by refrigerated 53-foot semi, your pears will be delivered to your destination point within an hour or so.  (The ultimate delivery to your location of choice will have to accommodate a full size pick up and trailer.)  

When distributing the pears to the ultimate user, the general will want to advise the lieutenants to have their sergeants and their platoons at the unloading area at specific times. Since the deliveries are subject to weather, the amount of help at the delivery site, the timeliness of the semis, flat tires, etc., your Pear Guy* representative will advise of the deliveries two weeks, two days and two hours prior to arrival.  (Keep in mind that The Pear Guy* probably has other deliveries that same day, so a quick arrival and departure would be appreciated.)  Many hands make light work - this whole unloading and loading process can be calmly completed in less than one hour.

* Larry Wolfe does business as, and is the sole proprietor of, The Pear Guy, and is not associated with any other company or organization.