Delivery Schedules

All pears (except the Asian varieties) must be picked green. Our farmers start pressure testing their pears for peak timing in mid-July. Harvest timing is crucial. When the pears are picked too soft the shelf life is almost impossible to control.  Picked too hard the pears simply will not ripen. Plainly, the exact date for beginning the harvest is set by Mother Nature. Harvest usually begins around the mid-August, but Mother Nature is in control. Our farmers have had to begin picking as early as mid-July and as late of September 10th.   Then, depending on the elevation of the orchard, it will continue for three to four weeks.  

Deliveries - In the past our reps have 
made it a policy to deliver to The Pear Guy* clients closest to Medford first.   The Pear Guy* anticipates shipping as many as 4,000 boxes a day - four full 53' semis.  Your Pear Guy Rep will keep you advised on the schedule for your particular area.  

 Delivered as soon as the day after picking, your pears will generally be ready to can within a week or so.  If stored in a controlled atmosphere of 50-degrees, the ripening process may be stretched to a longer storage period.    If refrigerated at a constant 32-degrees the storage time will extend for multiple weeks.   (See Pear Facts and Preserving Pears for further details.)  Those wishing to enjoy only fresh pears can refrigerate the whole lot and remove 3-4 per day.  Let each day's removed pears stay on the counter until ready to eat.  Some of our clients have eaten pears in December using this procedure.  

Schedules - Though the deliveries may fall as late as late September, it is imperative we have a close approximation of the final quantity by July 20th. This early orders will insure our farmers have sufficient quantities set aside for The Pear Guy* clients.  Minor adjustments to that July 20th quantity can be made up to a week before your delivery.  As inconvenient as it may seem, prepayment to the corporals, sergeants, etc. is critical.  Our experience is that individuals who do not prepay do not demonstrate a strong commitment to the program.   FYI-  Your General does not pay The Pear Guy until the pears are delivered.  

Our Pear Guy territory representatives will give you a two week and two day notice of delivery date.  The day before delivery our representative will notify your 'General' of the approximate time of arrival.  We will stay in contact with the 'General' as the time closes in with no less than a two hour notice of delivery.  We pray for no flat tires.

 Larry Wolfe does business as, and is the sole proprietor of, The Pear Guy, and is not associated with any other company or organization.