Dear Pear Guy, We were just thrilled to see our neighbors canning and learning how to can. As you continue to provide this service the momentum will grow and more people will participate. The first year [our community] participated in ordering pears we ordered a total of 241 boxes. Did I mention that the pears were fresh, beautiful and delicious? – Debbi and Liz, Monmouth Oregon

While attending Southern Oregon University I worked at Harry and David (gift baskets of seasonal fruit).  After that experience I would not eat any other than Comice pears.  My mother-in-law forced one of The Pear Guy's pears on me.  I couldn't believe it.  The taste was so much better than those my wife had brought home from the stores.  I am a convert.    - Jerry, Kent, WA 

Dear Pear Guy,  I have been enjoying your pears for years.  The other day a friend brought me a few pears from Utah.  After he left I was in the mood for a pear.  I took one bite and threw the rest of that pear, and all the others, in the trash.   -Kent, Las Vegas,NV

I heard only wonderful things said about the pears. – Norma, Milwaukie, OR (76 boxes)

I took orders hoping to hit 50 boxes for our [community] order. We ended up ordering 342 boxes. Everybody I heard from absolutely loved their pears and wanted more. I bottled mine and can almost eat the whole quart in one sitting, they are fabulous!!! -Christy, Hillsboro, OR  

They were the best pears I've EVER tasted. And the best part was I didn't have to pick them. -Jenna, Astoria, OR


Great pears! -Sue, Astoria, OR (93 boxes)

I, as others, split a box of pears with a friend. I followed the instructions from your website and put my half into the fridge planning on spreading out the 'joy' over several weeks. They worked out perfectly! I took a couple out each day, let ripen and enjoyed at our leisure. I won't be splitting a box next year! Thanks Pear Guy!! -Denise Gresham, OR (76 boxes)

Best tasting pears of the season. -Rosalie, St. Helens, OR 

They were wonderful pears, and the delivery was timely and efficient. -Lynne, St. Helens, OR (113 boxes)

We have really enjoyed our pears. I have to regulate my children to one jar of canned pears at a time and only a few times a week or they would eat them all in one day. Your pears were in great shape when we got them and they were delivered on time with a big smile. – Angie, Elk Grove, CA (83 boxes)

Thank you, Pear Guy, for connecting us with others in the area so we could take advantage of those wonderful pears. –Gail, Sacramento, CA

I have talked to a lot of people in Redding, Chico and Anderson [areas]. Everything about the pears has been extremely positive. Many people are saying they want to double the order for next year. Dolly and I canned 56 quarts and I wished we had done twice that many. –Dave, Red Bluff, CA (515 boxes)  BTW- Dave liked our pears so much he became one of The Pear Guys. 

Some comments from the Salem, Oregon area (368 boxes):
My family really enjoyed your pears and we would love to get more next year. They didn't last long enough in our house! - Marlene, West Salem, OR

I have not canned pears in years because of the time and effort. I dried some and canned some. Next year I will probably can more because my grown kids have already eaten most of them and I had ordered 2 boxes. -Trace, Salem, OR

Oh, my goodness, the best pears ever. I'll order double for next year. –Toni, Salem, OR

Thank you for the wonderful pears. They look so pretty in my jars and are yummy. Your price is very reasonable and we so appreciate all of your work!! - Joan, Salem, OR

I checked with [my file leader] prior to participating. He simply said, "Let's try it. If it works, good. If not, we will know better next time." We couldn't have been more pleased. The delivery was an hour late, but certainly worth the wait. Thank you for coming all the way down here. I expect our order will be larger next year. -Janis, Yuma, AZ (357 boxes)

Everyone was pleased.  I canned 3 boxes and they are beautiful.  We shared and ate one full box; we are very popular neighbors now. - Carolyn, Southern Oregon coast (267 boxes)