About Larry

Larry Wolfe was introduced to Big Mac, The Pear Guy, in the early days through his wife.  Larry and Judy share the common pursuit to self-reliance and getting back to nature.  Larry's interest grew to being one of The Pear Guys, and Big Mac's, "go to guy."  He soon learned that the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, has an International reputation.  

It’s impossible to spend more than a few days in the Rogue Valley without rubbing elbows with people of its number one industry - growing the best quality pears in the world. 

Our family farmers spend eleven months from October through the following August doing the dozens of tasks needed to produce a the best pears possible. Their orchard work includes fertilizing, weeding, thinning, irrigating, protecting the blossoms and the fruit from frost and harvest-destroying pests. Barring a disastrous hailstorm, or other agent of crop destruction, the fruit is finally picked. The normal distribution system substantially underpays the farmer,  To make things more trying, payment can be delayed up to a full year as the pears go through the distribution system.  

The Pear Guy took a look at the method of getting the pears to the end consumer and put to use his knowledge of sales and his nationwide network of contacts developed over those years of travel to streamline the distribution “gauntlet” for the direct consumer and/or home canning markets.

The result is a “win, win” situation.  Small farmers get a decent reward for their labors and the end consumer gets fresher pears.