The Pear Guy

Most of our customers are home canners who want the best Bartlett pear they can buy for the least amount of money. They expect fruit that will vary in size from 2 ¼ to 3 inches in diameter. They know that there will be some surface blemishes which easily peel off and don’t affect taste.

“Better pears for lower prices” is what our clients want. Our mission is to supply just that. Our harvest season usually begins about the middle of August and lasts through the first week of September. Read our delivery schedule page and place your order for pears by July 20th.

We’ve found our customers also want:

•  Pears that are perfect for canning.

•  To save money by buying in quantity at lower than retail prices.

Control of ingredients like sugars and additives.

•  To teach family canning to their children and friends.

•  A fresher taste than available in commercial metal containers.

To build their commitment to self-reliance.

•  To take advantage of peak season quality and pricing.

•  Let personal preference dictate firmer or softer pears than the commercially canned products.

•  To be able to talk personally to the farmer who grew their pears. 
    Call Larry, The Pear Guy*, at 530-249-1156 
or email him at, who will forward your number to one of the
    farmers  in our network, who will return your call.

To learn how we can offer prime fruit at near wholesale prices, read the section entitled “FARMERS' DILEMMA”.

* Larry Wolfe does business as, and is the sole proprietor of The Pear Guy, and is not associated with any other company or organization.