The Freestyle type Kayak

This version was created as a result of the work of Solomon Muwongue at the Nalubaale Water Sports Club in Kampala, Uganda.  Solomon uses the small 'freestyle' canoes to provide an introduction of some of the basic skills and discipline of boat handling to young people.  When they are proficient at this, they can move on to rowing in sliding seat boats.  As with all equipment, the cost of shipping and importing boats and equipment to African countries places a serious restriction on development.  This is one solution to providing a basic freestyle type kayak that can be made and maintained (and further developed) locally.


The kayak is fabricated from four pieces of Plastazote LD45 welded at the seams with a hot air gun.
There is a short video of this kayak at 

This one is currently being tested and developed at Wokingham Canoe Club