Mark 2

The Mark 2 is made from white Plastazote (it is also available in red, blue and green) with the 'skin' on, giving it a 
shiny surface that looks similar in appearance to the conventional material used for racing boats.

When Plastazote is manufactured, it has a smooth skin which is later skimmed off to expose the foam surface. Leaving
 the skin on gives a stiffer structure so the thickness can be 35mm instead of 50mm. 

The width of the sheet has been reduced by 240mm to give a lower profile suitable for rowing on rivers and lakes.  
The wood used for the gunnel strips and other fittings is Iroko, commonly available in Africa but rather expensive 
here in the UK.



To weld Plastazote effectively, the skin needs to be removed from where the joint will be.


To give a stylish appearance, the bow and stern can be cut back and re-welded.


Strips of Plastazote can be welded on the bow and stern (remove the skin first), carved into shape and
then smoothed off with abrasive paper.