Mad Gravity by William Missouri Downs

Mad Gravity (winner of the 2013 Reva Shiner Comedy Award from the Bloomington Playwrights Project) is a philosophical comedy about two Dada performance artists who have built a theatre in their living room. They wanted to build a
second experimental space in their kitchen but they just cannot take any more kitchen sink realism. Artaud would be proud. But tonight’s performance goes from bad to worse when they discover that a comet has been spotted in the night sky. There is a 50/50 chance it will hit the earth. Everyone, including the audience, may have only an hour to live. The one page second act (that’s right the second act is one page long) does something no play has ever attempted in the history of theatre - it lets the audience in on the meaning of life.
William Missouri Downs plays have been produced by the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, the New York Fringe Festival, The InterAct Theatre in Philadelphia, The San Diego Rep, the Kennedy Center, The Berkeley Rep, the International Theatre Festival in Israel, the Stadt Theater Walfischgasse in Austria, the Detroit Rep, the Durban Performing Arts Center in South Africa, and over 100 other theatres worldwide. Bill’s plays have won numerous awards including: the Larry Corse Prize for playwriting, the Mill Mountain Theatre's Festival Of New Plays, The Greenhouse Festival Of New Plays, and a Rolling Premiere from the National New Play Network. Samuel French published his award-winning comedies Kosher Lutherans, Cockeyed and The Exit Interview. In Hollywood he wrote for several NBC television shows, and sold movies to Imagine Films and Filmways. In addition he has published four books, including: Naked Playwriting (Silman/James), Screenplay: Writing The Picture (Silman/James) and The Art of Theatre (Wadsworth).
CURRENT CITY: New York, New York
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