Please note: applications for 2018 are now CLOSED.

Each application consists of four parts, which require preparation prior to starting:

Step 1A: Applicant Information

Step 1B: References

Step 2A: Artistic Statement

Step 2B: Resume/CV

STEP 1A: Applicant Information

This section of the application should take about 5 minutes, with very little prep. You will be asked for the following:

a)  The basic personal information we need to process your application such as name, contact info (phone and email address), and mailing address.

b)  A brief biographical statement. This may be a brief bio as would appear in a program, or a more extensive one. There is a 300 word limit.

c)  Basic demographic information.

d)  Your history with the O’Neill and any of the partner programs: the Kennedy Center, National New Play Network, or Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. (Note: this information is only used to determine if program alumni are coming through the application process. It will not be used in considering your admittance to the fellowship)

STEP 1B: References

For three references, please:

a)  List the name, contact information (phone and email address), job title, and your relationship to them.

b)  Identify the first reference as the person to write your letter of recommendation. Your recommendation must be sent to no later than January 26th, 2018. (Recommendations received prior to January 22nd will be accepted). The letter of recommendation should speak to:

i. Why this candidate is best suited for this opportunity

ii. Why this candidate is at an appropriate stage in their career for this opportunity

STEP 2A: Artistic Statement

This is the most involved and important part of the process. This is the material should speak to your eligibility for the program and why you are a competitive candidate. Take great care in preparing these files.
 Please prepare the following as a PDF document, no more than two single-spaced pages:

a) The statement should:

i. Speak to what type of work you are most drawn to and why

ii. Explain why you feel that you are an ideal candidate for this type of fellowship at this point in your life/career

iii. Describe one of your most formative directing experiences to date and your approach to the piece (touching on all elements from design work, text work, and work with actors)

iv. We’d love to hear about an experience working with a living playwright, but if you have not yet had that opportunity, it can be about a classic play

b) Your Artistic Statement must be saved as a PDF with the file name "[Last Name], [First Name]_Artistic Statement."

STEP 2 B: Resume/CV

For the last step of your application please:

a) Save your resume/CV, no more than two pages, as a PDF with the file name “[Last Name], [First Name]_Resume.”

Please make sure this resume includes the eligibility requirement of one directing credit outside an education setting.

That’s it! Those are the four steps needed for a complete application. Only when you have assembled these materials do we recommend beginning the application process.

If you have any trouble, please email Aislinn Frantz, Program Coordinator at