National Playwrights Conference Finalist List

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TitlePlaywrightCast Size
TitlePlaywrightCast Size
Agora Jodi Rothe 1M, 4W 
And There Was War in Heaven Ian Finley 3M, 2W 
bad things happen here Eric Marlin 2W 
Blooming in Dry Season Eljon Wardally 1M, 2W 
Brother Toad Nathan Jackson 3M, 2W 
CAKE John J. Caswell Jr 1M, 1W, 5 Gender Neutral  
Capital Crime! Carson Kreitzer 5M, 4W 
CHILD Abbey Fenbert 4W, 1 trans/non-binary gender, 4 gender neutral 
"Daddy" Jeremy O. Harris 3M, 3W 
Daisy Violet the Bitch Beast King Sam Collier 3W, 1 gender neutral 
Damascus Bennett Fisher 2M, 1W 
Dantino's Oded Gross 7M, 4W 
Delilah Lee Rebecca Bossen 3M, 2W 
Devil with the Blue Dress Kevin Armento 1M, 5W 
Elevator Girl Donna Hoke 2M, 1W 
florissant & canfield Kristiana Rae Colón 14-30 
Freefall Daniel Pearle 1M, 1W 
Giant Slalom Jess Honovich 3W 
I Am Not Mine Sevan K. Greene 2M, 2W 
In the Garden Will Snider 3M, 2W 
It Burns Sam Hope Spoll 3M, 3W 
No Candy Emma Stanton 1M, 6W 
ONE HOUSE OVER Catherine Trieschmann 2M, 3W 
One More Less Kate Cortesi 2M, 2W 
Paper Cut Andrew Rosendorf 4M 
q u e r e n c i a: an imagined autobiography about forbidden fruits Benjamin Benne 1M, 4W 
radio island Liza Birkenmeier 2M, 3W, 2 trans/non-binary gender 
Rafetus Ali Skye Bennet 6M, 3W 
Really Really Gorgeous Nick Mecikalski 5W 
Ripe Frenzy Jennifer Barclay 1M, 4W 
SCIENTIFIC METHOD Jenny Connell Davis 2M, 3W 
seal boy Ken Weitzman 3M, 4W 
Sheltered Alix Sobler 2M, 3W 
Steel Cutter Claire Tran 8M, 3W 
Sugar In Our Wounds Donja Love 2M, 3W 
Tail of the Bell Gabriel Neustadt 1M, 1W 
the day we were born Jaisey Bates 4M, 3W, 1 gender neutral 
The Hidden People Joe Waechter 2M, 3W 
The Hunted Evan Linder and Paul Stovall 5M, 2W 
The Orbit of Mercury Bob Bartlett 5M, 1W 
The Rape of the Sabine Women, by Grace B. Matthias Michael Yates Crowley 5M, 3W 
The Wonderful Mr. & Mrs. O'Leary Matte O'Brien 2M, 2W 
This Land Was Made Tori Sampson 7M, 3W 
Town Hall Caridad Svich 4 gender netural 
Trees in their Youth Dominic Finocchiaro 5M, 1W 
USUAL GIRLS Ming Peiffer 2M, 8W 
Various Emporia Howard Ho 3M, 2W 
Wayfinding Whitney Rowland 3M, 2W 
we, the invisibles Susan Soon He Stanton 3M, 3W 
Whatever the Weather Owen Panettieri 3M, 4W 
White History Dave Harris 3M, 2W 
Wolf Play Hansol Jung 3M, 2W 
You Are The Blood Ashley Rose Wellman 2M, 3W 
You Feel So Far Away Right Now Alexis Roblan 2M, 2W 
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