National Playwrights Conference Finalist List

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TitlePlaywrightCast Size
TitlePlaywrightCast Size
Sickle Abbey Fenbert 5W Part 1 Alex Lubischer 4M, 4W 
Motherland Allison Gregory 5M, 2W 
tender of you too Anya Richnkind 1M, 3W 
Picture 24 A. Rey Pamatmat 3M 
The Bookbinder's Tale Bo Wilson 2M, 1W 
The Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo Brian Silberman 4M, 2W 
Into The Earth With You Brian Watkins 1M, 3W 
Hurricane Brooke Berman 2M, 3W 
Sofonisba Callie Kimball 1M, 2W 
Pilgrims Claire Kiechel 1M, 2W 
Thoroughbred Cory Finley 2M, 2W 
All the Good in the World Cory Hinkle 2M, 2W 
Johnny 10 Beers' Daughters Dana Lynn Formby 1M, 1W 
Heron at Dusk Daniel Akiyama 2M 
The Ghost Dan Steele 1M, 2W 
The Mermaid Hour David Valdes Greenwood 2M, 2W, 2Trans 
The Room Where I Was Held David Zax 2M, 2W 
Beige Desi Moreno-Penson 3M, 3W 
The Lotus Paradox Dorothy Fortenberry 2M, 3W 
The Cannibals of McGower County Drew Larimore 1M, 3W 
I Am Not My Motherland Emily Acker 1M, 2W 
Like A Billion Likes Erik Forrest Jackson 2M, 3W 
Ballast Georgette Kelly 1M, 4W, 2Trans 
The Wayward Bunny Greg Kotis 3M, 2W 
And All The Dead Lie Down Harrison David Rivers 3M 
Dolphins and Sharks James Anthony Tyler 2M, 3W 
Egyptian Song James Christy 1M, 1W 
Three Rules for the Dragon Jeff Talbott 2M, 1W, 1Child 
Danny Jennifer Barclay 1M, 3W 
BlueShift John J King 2M, 3W 
Poor Edward Jonathan Payne 1M, 1W 
Plane Play Julia Brownell 2M, 4W 
The Art of Losing Juli Del Prete 3M, 2W 
Modern Minstrelsy Kermit Frazier 9M, 2W 
good friday Kristiana Rae Colón 7W 
Eminent Domain Laura Leininger-Campbell 6M, 3W 
Another Kind of Silence Lauren Feldman 2M, 6W 
Amy and the Orphans Lindsey Ferrentino 2M, 4W 
The Last Great American Bear Hunt Lydia Blaisdell 5M, 3W 
The Reapers on Woodbrook Avenue Mardee Bennett 2M, 3W 
Cost of Living Martyna Majok 2M, 2W 
Frelmetsch the Maneater Matthew Capodicasa 1M, 1W 
Let Down Your Hair Matthew Ivan Bennett 1M, 3W, 1 Gender Neutral 
The Surrogate Patricia Cotter 1M, 5W 
The Nightingale Rose or The Bitch of Balaclava Patricia Henritze 5M, 4W 
Sanctuary, North R. W. Schneider 4M, 1W 
The Madres Stephanie Alison Walker 2M, 3W 
Exposure Steve DiUbaldo 7M 
Signs Steve Rathje 2M, 2W 
STARVED Suzanne Heathcote 1M, 3W 
If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must be a Muhfucka Tori Sampson 3M, 5W 
Non-Player Character Walt McGough 3M, 3W, 2 Gender Neutral 
Strange Men Will Snider 3M 
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