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The following is a list of this year's finalists. The titles are linked to a profile page, where you will see a synopsis of the play, a bio of the playwright, and contact information. You may even be able to download a sample of the work, or the whole thing!
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TitlePlaywright NamePlaywright LocationCast Size
TitlePlaywright NamePlaywright LocationCast Size
DREAM OF A DEER AT DUSK Adam Kraar Brooklyn, NY 2M, 3W (with doubling) 
Family Property Annie Weisman New York, NY  4M, 3W 
Falling Lessons ANTHONY DODGE New York, NY 4M, 4W 
A Power Play; or, What's-its-name A. Rey Pamatmat New York, NY 4M, 5W, 1 any gender 
Woman of Troy Barry Levey New York, NY 4M, 4W 
In 1987: We Were Kids Basil Kreimendahl  3M, 2W 
You Lost Me Bonnie Metzgar Chicago, IL 2M, 3W 
Obedient Steel Chloe Brown Brooklyn, NY 4M, 2W 
THE REAL TABASCO Deborah Grace Winer New York, NY 2M, 2W 
Comida de Puta (F**king Lousy Food) Desi Moreno-Penson Bronx, NY 3M, 3W 
SOUND Don Nguyen New York, NY 4M, 2W 
Ramp  Eisa Davis Brooklyn, NY 2M, 2W 
The Wave That Set the Fire Ellen K. Graham Denver, Colorado 3M, 3W 
Knockout Mouse Gabriel Neustadt Los Angeles, CA 2M, 1W 
Dakota Atoll Hilary Bettis Brooklyn, NY 5M, 2W 
My Friend Dahmer Jake Arky San Francisco, CA 4M, 2W 
GODDESS OF MERCY Jenny Connell Davis Baltimore, MD (but I'm in New York, NY very frequently) 2M, 3W 
The Algorithm Julian Sheppard New York, NY 3M, 1W 
The Ocean Thought Nothing Kari Bentley-Quinn Astoria, NY 3M, 2W 
Alabama Story Kenneth Jones New York, NY 4M, 2W 
THE EGG-LAYERS Lauren Feldman Brattleboro, VT 3M, 5W 
A Small History of Amal by Amal, Age 7 Lindsay Joelle New York, NY 3M, 2W, 1M or W, Optional Ensemble 
Throw Me On the Burnpile and Light Me Up Lucy Alibar New York, NY 1 Actor (man or woman) 
The Plan Mary Hamilton Brooklyn, NY 2M, 1W 
Sticky Traps Nathan Jackson Merraim, KS 2M, 2W 
Verité Nick Jones Los Angeles, CA 5M, 2W 
Charm Philip Dawkins Chicago, IL 1. Mama Darleena Andrews -Male to Female Transgender Woman. 2. D-Was born a female but is a non gender conforming person 3. Arielle-male to female post operative transgender woman. 4. Jonelle-male who uses "she" pronouns. 5. Victoria-heterosexual, cisgender female. 6. Donne-heterosexual, cisgender male. 7. Beta-male identified . 8. Lady-a female identified person. 9. Logan-cisgender gay male, but pretty androgynous. 
Futurama Samantha Charlip Brooklyn, NY 2M, 1W 
A Perfect Robot Sarah Saltwick Austin, TX 3M, 3W 
The Dizzy Little Dance of Russell Difinaldi Stephen Belber New York, NY 4M, 2W 
Pound for Pound Steven Alexander New York, NY 2M 
Obessiah Suzanne Willett New York, NY 3M, 2W 
Chicken.  Theresa Giacopasi Iowa City, IA 3M, 1W 
Songs We Sang to the Occupation Will Goldberg New Brunswick, NJ 1M, 1W, 5-20 M/W chorus 
The Profane Zayd Dohrn Chicago, IL 3M, 4W 
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