WHO DOES TheOliveParent Media WORK WITH?

Integral Marketing, Inc. and clients...

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Please review the basic blog criteria, Blogger Program Policy and individual blogger program requirements before signing up for a campaign. Thank you!


Required Basic Site Criteria

  • Site must be at least three to six months old.
  • Site must be active (posting once a week and more)
  • Own a Facebook & Twitter account
  • Writing quality must be reasonable - Consistent basic grammar and correct spelling.
  • You must have the ability to compose in depth posts on your own, in your own words, without copying (in the absence of citing) other sources for the majority of your post.
  • Site must be written in English or Bi-lingual with English translation.
  • Your residence must be in the United States or Canada
  • Experience in hosting effective giveaways (Tips & assistance are available)
  • Your site must ascribe to ethical principles as listed here.

Product Review Terms

All products shipped from Integral Marketing, Inc. on behalf of their clients, or shipped directly from the client to a blogger, are offered to the blogger for the purposes of a product review, or promotion, resulting in a published link to be placed permanently on the your site. Product and samples are not to be sold or traded for monetary gain.

You express your understanding of these terms in two ways:

  • By joining the LifeStyle Influencer's List you express that you understand the conditions of the blogger program explained in the published announcement.
  • By email, you express your consent when you reply with an agreement to participate in a blogger program.

If for any reason you are unable to review the product after receipt, you agree to notify Hannah as soon as possible.

Please note, if you are found to have secured products in any capacity that violates the terms and purposes of a review as stated above, we may request that you return the product to Integral Marketing, Inc. at your expense.

Campaigns & Blog Program Terms

Your agreement to review a product indicates that you understand and accept any conditions explained in a program. You acknowledge that your blog's policy may not always be accommodated. 

Privacy & Permissions

Your privacy is our priority! Your information will not be traded or sold and will be used only for the purposes given. All of your information is being submitted to TheOliveParent Media will be shared with clients. All clients have signed a privacy policy.

Product Shipping & Handling

We do not send out products without a prior, mutual agreement with you. Unless otherwise stated, products will be shipped via USPS Priority mail. We strongly encourage you to read all the information in regards to a Blogger program thoroughly, before signing up. This prevents mishandling of products and allows other available Influencers the chance to participate.