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Hannah Rhodes, Owner & Operator of TheOliveParent
Your Independent Social Media Specialist For All of Your Blog Marketing Needs
...For The Natural Products Industry

For your PR needs...
  • Blog Programs & Campaigns - Reviews & Giveaways
  • Group Giveaways
  • Blog Ad Placements 
  • Customized Events on TheOliveParent
  • Visit the Home page for a brief list of campaigns and programs created & facilitated by TOP. Not all campaigns and programs are publicly announced. Some campaigns are created just for blogs listed in our database. 

Not quite sure how this new media called blogging works?? You're not alone!  Send me your questions and I'll break it down in an easy-to-understand, relate-able format.

Questions such as...

How can I connect with bloggers? Why don't they respond to my pitches?

How does a giveaway work? How can I tell if the blogs I'm working with are hosting an effective giveaway campaign?

How can I find quality bloggers? What clues do I look for to spot a quality blog?

Reduce and save on resource consumption by outsourcing your business needs...good for the environment...good for your business...
  • Refined database of approximately 200 quality bloggers - You save time pitching.
  • Professional Social Media Specialist Experience - Reference available upon request.
  • Blogging since 2007 - Personal blogging experience with bloggers & companies.
  • Database Management & Creation (Access 2010) 
  • Computer Information Management - Experience and degree
  • All office supplies and technology owned and operated by TheOliveParent

General Services
The cost for Services is a flat hourly rate. I require reservation of my hours. Please contact me to discuss availability. A down payment to begin services is required.

Consultation Sessions
Consultation sessions will take place via email and will require a two hour reservation of my time. Pre-payment is needed to begin services. Replies will be given in 48 hours. Contact me for more information.  

Campaign Costs
In addition to my hourly rate, you will need to cover all of the expenses of the campaign. This will include the shipping and handling of the products & press kits to the bloggers and winners. The final total will depend upon the amount of participating blogs and the complexity of the campaign (total hours spent).

Blog Ad Placement
In addition to my hourly rate, you will need to cover the cost of Ad that is to be paid to the blog. The final total will depend on the determined price for Ads and the amount of Ads placed. The hourly rate covers all facilitation, communication and assistance with bloggers and an agreement of terms between you and the blogs. Payment for Ad will be made directly from you to the blogger. If you're interested in Account management services, this can be discussed. 

***Ads must be in accordance to the Advertising Guidelines, please review the guidelines on TheOliveParent Blog Services page***