Yay! You've found the webpage for the grade 5 and 6 class @ Northside. 

Hi, I'm Mr. W. This will be my 12th year at Northside, and I'm hoping to establish good communication between the parent group and myself. 
Be sure to text or email me if you have any questions or concerns or just pop by after school. 
home: 250-570-0006
mobile: 250-570-9867

It is my plan to use the Google Suite of apps as much as I can. The includes Google Classroom, the learning management system (LMS). Additionally, we will be using the Microsoft Office suite and each student will have access to Office 365 at school and at home. The software will be available for download to a home computer. Of course, the account comes with another email account as well. Other teachers should be using it as well. These environments provides many advantages and are easy to use for students. There will, however, be a learning curve and any assistance you can provide for your child will help. 

FYI (in case it matters) I currently hold a Google Certified Educator's Certificate (Level 1).

To help you stay informed, please ensure that you have logged on to the Google Classroom site using your child's school-provided ID, and feel free to check on your child's progress.