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Thank you for your interest in Scrip.  We hope to have the majority of NCLA families signed up to help our school earn easy money with regular family purchases.
  1. Please email to receive our school code. Then you can sign up for Scrip on ShopwithScrip.comWe have to keep this code off of social media for NCLA's safety.
  2. On, you sign up to join an existing organization and enter our code.
  3. Will need to set up Presto Pay to be able to purchase.  The process normally takes 2 business days and it is for your protection.

You will see this option on your Scrip dashboard, please follow their directions for set up.  When you have received 2 small deposits in your bank account from Scrip, you will then enter these amounts as your password to confirm your bank information is set up correctly.  Scrip will then give you a code to email NCLA's Scrip coordinators so that your account may be confirmed.  You can then purchase any electronic or physical gift cards you like and NCLA will earn rebates.  Electronic gift cards are ready very quickly, physical gift cards will be shipped to NCLA every few weeks.  We group orders together so that the shipping cost does not cut into NCLA earnings.  

Shop with Scrip has been in business for over 20 years and they have donated over 500 million dollars to 30,000 organizations nationwide.  Scrip changes the way we pay for things, using gift cards vs. credit cards/cash.  There are 700+ retailers! 

There is a fee to use the Scrip program- 15 cents. You might purchase 1 gift card or 20 gift cards in your order but the fee is 15 cents total per order. 

Here is an example: 
Some families use Lands' End for uniform shopping.  They normally have a 16% rebate.  If we bought a gift card from Scrip instead of using a credit card, NCLA would earn $16 for every $100 spent at Lands' End.  Other uniform retailers like Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target also give rebates. 

If you have any questions, please email NCLA's Scrip coordinators at