PTO Executive Board

PTO Executive Board Officer Positions

These positions are elected annually by the General Membership of the PTO. The seven (7) Executive Officer positions are open to all current members of the PTO. The purpose of the Executive Board is to manage the day to day operations of the PTO.  For more information you may find the By-Laws and Budget HERE under Necessary Files.

The President 

Will preside over all Executive Board and General Membership meetings of the PTO. Will work directly with the Principal of The NCLA in gaining approval and confirming dates for all events, activities and programs planned by the PTO to benefit The NCLA. Will serve as the official representative of the PTO. Will provide a PTO Update to the Board of Trustees for The NCLA, either in person or by letter. Responsible for maintaining and retaining all official records of the PTO. Will oversee and review all financial, insurance and reporting requirements for compliance. The President will oversee the School Improvement Team directly.

2017-2018 President

Will Moye 

The Vice President of Fundraising 

Will explore fundraising ideas and research them for feasibility and income potential. Identify and prioritize school needs for fundraising. Will oversee and advise related fund generating committees. Including but not limited to: Fundraising Committee, Family Events Committee, Grant Writing Committee, Spirit Committee and the School Store Committee.

2017-2018 VP of Fundraising 

Deborah Martin

The Vice President of Communication 

Will oversee the annual membership drive. Manage all communications for the PTO including, but not limited to PTO newsletters, email broadcasts, website, bulletin boards, etc. Review and present all communications using mass media to promote the PTO's events, fundraisers, service projects to the Executive Board for approval. Will support and maintain the identity/branding and marketing of The NCLA PTO. Will oversee and advise committees as follows but not limited to: Membership Committee, Publicity Committee, Athletic Support Committee, Arts & Enrichment Committee and the Website Coordinator.

2017-2018 VP of Communications

Fran Gibhardt

The Vice President of Service 

Will oversee the coordinating of PTO volunteers and maintain the lists of Level I, Level II and Level III status. Will oversee and authorize the issuance of identification badges for all volunteers. Will generate and maintain the volunteer records for the PTO. Will oversee and advise service related committees. Including but not limited to: Staff Support Committee, Hospitality Committee, Safety & Security Committee, Grounds & Building Committee and the Volunteer Coordinator.

2017 - 2018 VP of Service

Brandi Lineberry

The Secretary 

Will prepare and distribute the agendas and any handouts for all General Membership meetings. Will maintain log-in sheets at all General Membership meeting and establish a method for registering votes for current members. Record and distribute the minutes of all Executive Board and General Membership meetings to all members of the PTO. Will maintain the historical meeting records of the PTO. Will oversee and advise committees as assigned by the Executive Board. Including but not limited to the Archives Committee and the Official PTO Photographer.

2017-2018 Secretary

Melissa Chiaramonte

The Treasurer 

Will serve as custodian of all PTO financial records. Will review bank accounts and advise if changes are needed. Will collect and oversee the counting of any funds received. Will process receipts as necessary. Will review and pay all authorized expenses. Balance the account(s) and provide a financial report monthly to the Executive Board. Provide a financial report at all General Membership meetings. Prepare the year end financial report. Responsible for filing the 501(C)3 documents and submitting the appropriate 990 forms to the IRS to maintain the PTO’s non-profit status. Maintain and hold all historical financial records of the PTO. The Treasurer may appoint a non-voting Assistant Treasurer with the approval of the Executive Board. 

2017-2018 Treasurer

Megan Paul

The Parliamentarian

Will assist the President at all meetings with keeping time limits and rules of order. Will preside over meetings in the temporary absence of the President. Will answer any questions of compliance according the current PTO Bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order. Will review as needed all policies and procedures of the PTO to verify compliance with the current bylaws. Will oversee and advise committees as assigned by the Executive Board. Including but not limited to: Bylaws Committee, Policies & Procedures Committee, Internal Audit Committee and Nominating Committee. 

2017 -2018 Parliamentarian

Matthew Clayton

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