Middle School

Marissa Fraley

7th and 8th Grade Math

Wendy Whitmore

6th and 7th Grade Math

Heather Hoff

7th and 8th Social Studies

Email -- hhoff@thencla.org


8th grade - @ekgah8

7th grade - @ahf7289

Drew Sparks

6th Grade Social Studies

Leigh Anne Wilkinson

7th and 8th Grade ELA

Email -- lwilkinson@thencla.org


7th ELA - 9c87gg

8th ELA - 7daf2f

Wendy Parshley

6th and 7th Grade ELA

Email -- wparshley@thencla.org

York Martin

7th Grade Science

Jenn Craven

6th and 8th Grade Science