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Simba Makoni Biography

Simbarashe Herbert Stanley Makoni (born March 22, 1950) is the President for Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn (M.K.D)

Educational Background

In 1971, he enrolled at what was the University of Rhodesia to study chemistry and zoology, but after two years was expelled for taking part in an anti-government student demonstration.

He was immediately admitted to Leeds University in England, to graduate in chemistry and zoology. He obtained a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry at Leicester Polytechnic in 1978

First term in government

Makoni was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture at Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, when he was thirty years old. In 1981, he was moved to the position of Minister of Industry and Energy Development, where he remained until 1983.


In 1983, Makoni was elected as the Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), serving in that post for ten years. Leaving SADC in 1994, Makoni became Managing Director of Zimbabwe Newspapers until 1997.

Second term in government

Makoni returned to the Cabinet as Minister of Finance by Mugabe on July 15, 2000, following the June 2000 parliamentary election. As Finance Minister, he supported the devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar, a policy that was not favoured by Mugabe; He faced strong opposition during the Economic Change in Zimbabwe in the early 2000s as his policies contradicted those of the rest of the ZANU-PF party.

Presidential candidacy

On February 5, 2008, Simba Makoni held a press conference in Harare where he stated that he was challenging Robert Mugabe to become the next President of Zimbabwe.FIRST ROUND VOTE - 2008.  M.D.C = 47.9 percent.|| Z.A.N.U. PF = 43.2 percent.|| M.K.D = 8.3 percent.