Icelandic Water is renowned for its purity and is increasingly being
exported to USA and Europe. The consistency of icelandic water
depends very much on the area and means of extraction.
Although exports have increased there is not much information
available on water consistency in Iceland as measurements are rather
scarce and the little information available is that which is released
by public waterworks.

Measurements made by the waterworks in Reykjavík indicate following levels:
PH Value : 8,9 / 25 (measured at 25ºC)
Na+ mg/l: 10,70
Ca++ mg/l: 3,80
Mg++: 1,01
Cl- mg/l : 10,3
HCO3- mg/l : 24,5
SiO2 mg/l : 13,10
SO4– mg/l: 3,10
Minerals mg/l : 68

Companies in Iceland currently involved in the extraction, bottling
and export:

Icelandic Glacial
Iceland Spring
Rolf Johansen & Company
Icelandic Glacier Products