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Patient site for Hope Hospitals

Welcome to the Hope Hospitals patient site! You will find one such site for each patient! Here you will find information on all the clinical events of a patient.  You can follow the links below to reach the various modules of patient care, and of course, don't hesitate to contact someone on our training team should you have any questions.  Have a great day!

Case summary

Admission notes and Provisional Discharge summary.


See The patients surgery schedule discharge and travel plans here.

Doctors daily notes

The consultant, Doctors, Physiotherapists and dieticians put notes here.

Nurse Notes

The Nurses put their notes and charts here.

Investigation Requisition

You may request the lab or radiology to do tests.

Pharmacy Requisition

Send a request to Pharmacy for drugs and surgical items!

Investigation Reports

All the investigation reports have to be added in this page.

Templates and links

Useful discharge summary templates and links.

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