2nd Grade

Topic:  Repsonsibility, Respect and Dependability                     Date:10.17.12--11.21.12

Objective:  Students will be able to:

*define responsibility, respect and dependability;

*understand how these traits affect their lives and how the lack of these traits affect their lives;

*apply their understanding of these traits to solve problems in a group setting

Domain:  Personal/Social

Standard and Competency/Benchmarks:
Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.
PS:A1 Acquire Self-knowledge
PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs
PS:A1.9 Demonstrate cooperative behavior in groups
PS:A1.10 Identify personal strengths and assets
PS:A1.11 Identify and discuss changing personal and social roles
PS:A1.12 Identify and recognize changing family roles
PS:A2 Acquire Interpersonal Skills
PS:A2.1 Recognize that everyone has rights and responsibilities
PS:A2.2 Respect alternative points of view
PS:A2.3 Recognize, accept, respect and appreciate individual
PS:A2.4 Recognize, accept and appreciate ethnic and cultural
PS:A2.5 Recognize and respect differences in various family
PS:A2.6 Use effective communications skills
PS:A2.7 Know that communication involves speaking, listening and
nonverbal behavior
PS:A2.8 Learn how to make and keep friends

Week 1 (10.17.12)
Activity: Watch Auto B Good video on responsibility. Students will meet in their pit crews to do discussion questions. Once they have answered their discussion questions, they will share their answers with the class.

Week 2 (10.23.12)
Activity: Students will meet in their pit crews and make a list of all the responsibilities they have. Once they have made the list they will share their responsibilities with the rest of the class.
Week 3 (10.31.12)
Activity:  Students will watch Auto B Good video titled Red Card to Respect.
Meet in Pit Crews to discuss “under the hood” questions.
Week 4-6: (11.7.12, 11.14.12, 11.21.12)
Pit Crews will decide between 3 respect activities to do as a group.  Prepare one of the following:
a) Take a few minutes to describe how CJ’s spirit lives on in the way EJ showed respect.  Now create and write a story with the same concept but with a setting around your school.
b)While playing sports or out at recess, do you see students treating each other with respect?  What are specific situations we all need to work on to show respect?  How could some students show more respect?  Develop a role play to show the responses to these questions.
c)  Brainstorm some reasons why we should show respect to others and write a poem, rap, or rhyme about showing respectful behavior.