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Webpage Design I and II



Standards and Benchmarks


1.0  Apply introductory principles

1.1  Define terms related to Web projects

1.2  Evaluate web resources

1.3  Use web-based resources (tutorials, Webquests, on-line resources, free download sites)

1.4  Recognize different platforms and browsers in relationship to the Web

1.5  Explain how resolution affects Web page creation

1.Identify careers/elf-employment opportunities in Web design and production


2.0  Explore legal and ethical issues in Web-related projects

2.1  Apply copyright laws in all Web-related projects

2.2  Practice personal internet safety

2.3  Investigate security issues (viruses, firewalls, passwords, filters)


3.0  Define an effective Web site

3.1  Define Web page design principles and elements

3.2  Evaluate Web sites based on design elements and principles (contrast, alignment, color, space)

3.3  Determine the purpose of the Web site

3.4  Identify the target audience

3.5  Plan an organized layout

3.6  Select an appropriate navigational structure

3.7  Choose appropriate color schemes

3.8  Use web-safe colors and fonts

3.9  Employ proofreading and editing techniques


4.0  Demonstrate image creation and manipulation skills

4.1  Recognize different image types and their extensions (gif, jpg)

4.2  Utilize images from various source (Internet, CD, scanner, digital camera)

4.3  Use image editing program to create original rater images (collages, banners, buttons)

4.4  Optimize an image to improve load time


5.0  Demonstrate page creation skills

5.1  Use Web authoring software to create Web pages (Dreamweaver, iWeb)

5.2  Identify HTML tags and attributes for basic Web page design

5.3  Apply HTML tags and attributes for creating Web pages



6.0  Apply effective Web page management techniques

6.1  Maintain site accuracy

6.2  Organize all content files into folder management

6.3  Design a site map page

6.4  Submit URL to a variety of search engines

6.5  Implement time management techniques

6.6 Demonstrate ethical behavior