Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Content Standards


1.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of expressive and effective movements.     

A.  Explores moderate to vigorous physical activity in a physical education setting.

B.  Shows preference in physical activity choices.

C.  Demonstrates awareness that physical activity is both fun and good for you.

D.  Evaluates health-related fitness (e.g. curl-ups, push-ups, running).

E.  Explores fitness challenges and purposefully practices tasks to gain greater                                         success.

F.  Demonstrates awareness of perceived exertion (e.g. high, medium, low).


2.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of fitness for a lifetime.    

            A.  Demonstrates progress toward mature forms of kicking, catching, and throwing.

B.  Demonstrates progress toward mature forms of running, galloping, hopping, and walking.

C.  Explores body management skills in balance, weight-bearing, traveling.

D.  Begins to demonstrate the ability to perform two simple skills simultaneously.

E.  Understands that there are different roles in movement activities (e.g. tagging,                                fleeing).

F.  Begins to recognize that movements can be broken into parts.

G.  Performs movement sequences that demonstrate changes in selected                                              variables of time, space, force, direction, levels and pathways.

H.  Establishes a beginning movement vocabulary using appropriate descriptors to talk about movement observed and performed (e.g. relationship, space awareness, effort).


3.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of self-management and social responsibility.          

A.  Recognizes and follows class procedures (e.g. teacher cues, equipment use).

B.    Recognizes that a score does not define being a winner or loser.

C.   Explores the joy of shared play, shared space, and equipment.

D.  Asks teacher for assistance when needed to resolve a hard conflict.                    

E.    Willingly accepts any student in class as a partner.

F.     Recognizes that games/dance are found in all cultures.

G.  Responds positively when asked if P.E. activity is fun.


Developmental Standards


4.         Students will demonstrate competency in performance and apply knowledge of many movement concepts and forms.

5.               Students will maintain a healthy level of fitness and participate in a physical active lifestyle.

6.               Students will demonstrate responsible, personal, and social behavior in physical activity settings.