About TGN

Jul 20, 2010 —  TGN is a global MMO gamer's network, creating large communities around popular games.

We are a conduit that connects gamers with games. On one end, TGN is the marketing arm for the game industry with established partnerships and revenue shares with EA, Sony, Funcom, Frogster, IGG, BigPoint and other game companies in North America, Europe and China.

On the other, we create homes for game communities by gamers for gamers, with the tools to create user-generated content and manage the community.

TGN spreads awareness of new games and extends the lifetime of every game we cover, driving new users through its many game channels, such as TGN Games and TGN TV, in addition to custom TGN ad campaigns.


Every month, over 1 million absolute unique gamers visit the growing network of TGN StraticsTGN Wikis and other TGN channels. In the last three months, TGN installed 100,000 game toolbars, launched 100 professional game wikis and produced hundreds of HD YouTube videos, including extensive E3 2010 coverage. See www.tgnlive.com

To date, TGN has launched 150 game communities. By the end of 2011, TGN will grow to 1000 game communities.

We are now expanding into social game communities, starting with toolbars around Zynga's popular Facebook games (according to appdata.com over 100 million people play FarmVille every month, more than any other computer game in history).

We are also expanding into the social game market by licensing popular games from China, localizing them for North American audiences, and launching them through our community network. Our goal is to launch two large titles every year.

THEGAMENET is owned by TGN Game Communities Inc and is the next global MMO gamer's network!

Meet TGN

We enhance every game we support with our wikis and custom game tools, and we tie everything together with toolbars.

Our communities are full of guides, strategies and videos that allow players to contribute their own experiences and connect with fellow gamers.

Our business model is based on revenue shares with game companies and, to a lesser degree, ads, affiliate programs, CPA (cost-per-action) deals, toolbar PPI (pay-per-install) and search revenue sharing.

To date:
  • We installed over 100,000 toolbars (growing at 1,000 a day)
  • We get 1 million monthly unique visitors (50% from USA)
  • We built over 100 game communities, growing steadily
We have established partnerships with six companies in the game and entertainment industries:
  • BigPoint in Europe
  • IGG in China
  • SOHO Union International in Hong Kong
  • Electronic Arts in the USA
  • MMO Life in the Netherlands

See the TGN website and the TGN media kit for more information.

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