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TGN Public Sites

TGN Community
The core TGN community

Discover a great game community. We have over 100 and growing!

TGN Charts
YouTube analytics

Track your YouTube channels (and your competition's)!

TGN Editors
Meet the TGN contributors

All the content across TGN is created by gamers for gamers. Meet the editors!

TGN Games
Discover a great new game!

Full video reviews of popular games with commentary to help you discover which game to play next.

TGN Groups
Groups of gamers

Collection of all TGN groups of gamers in one place. Discuss, share and connect with fellow gamers!

TGN Images
Game images

In-game screenshots, wiki designs, fansite layouts and other game images

TGN Live
Live game industry coverage

Covering all major game industry events on camera with live video interviews of CEOs, executive producers, lead writers and other senior game developers.

TGN Music
Game original soundtracks

Listen to music from your favorite games.

TGN Personalities
Meet the game industry

You love playing games, but who are the personalities behind your favorite games?

TGN Personalities presents the people behind the games, how they got into the game industry, what their favorite day-to-day moments are, and a wealth of other personal information!

TGN Reviews
In-depth game reviews

TGN Search
Find what you are looking for

New game search engine, powered by Google!

TGN Shop
Online game store

Buy everything from games to game merchandise.

TGN Stratics
We are massively multiplayer!

Stratics communities have 13 years of history and are older than Google (Google was founded in 1998, Stratics in 1997).

Ultima Online forums, World of Warcraft character name generator, and a massive collection of game information, databases and forums all in one central hub that is Stratics.

TGN Times
Realtime game news

TGN Times, like the New York Times, presents in-depth and informed articles about the game industry with videos!

Gamespot and IGN write game reviews with text and screenshots, but no in-game footage showing gameplay. Every TGN Times game review has all three.

Gamespot and IGN also just describe the game, they do not not judge it anymore. They give an overview, like an extended trailer, but do not fulfill the purpose of watching or reading a review.

You read a review to find out whether the game is good or not.

TGN Times explains what is in the game and gives an unbiased, objective opinion whether that is good or not.

For example, a game may have 10/10 graphics, but if after two hours the repetitive gameplay and great graphics get boring, we will tell you.

TGN Tips
Timely game tips

Hot tips for your favorite game, delivered right to you!

TGN Toolbars
Everything in a bar

Bookmarks to the best game resources all in one place. One bar for every game!

TGN Trailers
Game trailers

Watch game trailers to help you discover a new game!

TGN Tutorials
Clear how-tos

Game TV

Live interviews, in-game video reviews, replays and all manners of game videos

TGN Wikis
Game wikis everyone can edit

Over 100 game wikis with videos, guides, calculators and a wealth of information for every game.

TGN Developer Sites

Game ad platform

Powers all ads across TGN

TGN Bugs
Bug tracker

Found a bug on a TGN site? Report it on TGN Bugs!

TGN Files
File server

Where TGN stores all its files shared across the network

TGN Sites in Development

Game APIs

TGN Cents
TGN virtual currency

TGN Chat
Realtime game chat

TGN Databases
Game databases built by you

Game FAQs

TGN Fansites
Create your own fansite

TGN Forum
Game forums

TGN Guides
Quality game guides

Realtime collaboration with your game friends

TGN Presents
Product launches and big announcements

TGN Tools
Useful game tools and calculators