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TGN partners with VideoReadr

Sep 20, 2010 — TGN and VideoReadr announce their new partnership today to enhance all YouTube game videos with bookmarks and video transcripts!

George Vanous, CEO of TGN, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

“Gamers depend on YouTube videos to see how games look and how they play. VideoReadr is an amazing service that allows anyone to enhance any YouTube video for free! Add your own commentary. Link to exactly the part where the raid boss goes down. Add SEO to your videos. We are using VideoReadr in all our 150 game communities to enhance every YouTube video we produce. For example, see VideoReadrs on TGN Times at"

Amol Kelkar, founder of VideoReadr, said:

"Search engines like Google understand text content only. VideoReadr's patent pending search engine optimization technology not only lets search engines look atvideos, but also inside videos! The TGN brand is known for providing popular community services and content to millions of MMO gamers worldwide and we are honored that TGN is trusting VideoReadr's SEO technology to increase the reach of their video content. As an early adopter, TGN has been invaluable to us. They have provided timely feedback and have made sure that VideoReadr is ready for real world use."

See the official VideoReadr website at

About VideoReadr

VideoReadr was founded in 2009 with the passion for helping people experience online media through rich, immersive, and fun interfaces and making the content more accessible and searchable through innovative technologies. VideoReadr is built on the timelined media mashup application platform - Infusion ( - that allows any online media to be synchronized with online content such as text, images, slideshows, etc to create unique interactive experiences. VideoReadr is located in Redmond, WA and has an office in Pune, India.

About TGN

Founded in 2009, TGN has grown to a global MMO gamer’s network with communities around 150 games! Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, TGN works closely with Sony, Gala-Net, Frogster and a growing list of top game companies in North America, Europe and China to bring official content to game players. TGN launched the world’s first video wiki for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Cataclysm at and is staging a series of global video wiki launches for other top MMOs. More information on TGN can be found at

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