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TGN acquires Stratics

May 19, 2010 — announces its merger with TGN and welcomes its new CEO, George Vanous, and its new vision.

Stratics is the site that started it all 13 years ago and has built its brand delivering quality game guides and news for top MMOs like Ultima Online, Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft. TGN works closely with EA (Electronic Arts), Frogster, Funcom and a growing list of top game companies to create large game communities and platforms for popular games like Aion and League of Legends.

The next 12 months will see the most concentrated launch of multi-million dollar budget MMOs in the history of computer games. To capture this audience, the new TGN Stratics begins a development initiative today that will combine Stratics forums, news and databases with TGN wiki, toolbar, music and video platforms.

The vision: "Create your own Fansite" button.

Stratics will not change in any way - it will continue to launch new communities, like SWTOR, and actively improve its existing forums, news and databases.

George Vanous, who brings 10 years of development and business experience from Microsoft, Cisco and, shared his thoughts on the merger:

"Stratics has an incredibly loyal and friendly community, some active for more than 5 years! Our goal is to grow this community with better technology and tools that allow all gamers to contribute to Stratics and even create their own fansites. The same tools we use to create Stratics communities will become available to all gamers to create their own fansites in the Stratics community."

The merger will bring over 1 million new gamers to Stratics from high-value TGN wikis like Evonypedia and the League of Legends Wiki, as well as HD YouTube channels around popular games such as Final Fantasy XIV and StarCraft 2. A dedicated team of senior developers will join the existing Stratics team to build the next generation TGN Stratics.

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