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Jul 15, 2011 — TGN and officially partnered today for live streaming TGN Director gameplay videos on!

The CEO of TGN, George Vanous, shared his thoughts on the new partnership.

"I personally streamed with at E3 2010 over a year ago. Back then, it was a great, easy-to-use service, and now JTV is the best live streaming platform available. All of TGN is very excited to be an official revenue-share partner with JTV! Our Directors will now stream all their live gameplay through personal JTV channels, and we can't wait to get started!"


TGN partners with VideoReadr

Sep 20, 2010 — TGN and VideoReadr announce their new partnership today to enhance all YouTube game videos with bookmarks and video transcripts!

George Vanous, CEO of TGN, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

“Gamers depend on YouTube videos to see how games look and how they play. VideoReadr is an amazing service that allows anyone to enhance any YouTube video for free! Add your own commentary. Link to exactly the part where the raid boss goes down. Add SEO to your videos. We are using VideoReadr in all our 150 game communities to enhance every YouTube video we produce. For example, see VideoReadrs on TGN Times at"


TGN partners with Gala-Net

Aug 20, 2010TGN Stratics and Gala-Net announce their new partnership today to jointly promote and improve the free-to-play MMO games Allods Online, Aika and Rappelz, and soon all of Gala-Net's game catalog.

George Vanous, CEO of TGN, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

"Gala-Net has an amazing line-up of fun, friendly and most important, free-to-play-for-life MMOs that everyone can enjoy right now. As a long-time Rappelz player myself, I am very excited to partner with Gala-Net and bring their high-quality MMOs to the TGN communities like Stratics, starting with the Allods Online video wiki!"


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TGN partners with IGG

Jun 30, 2010 — 
 IGG (I Got Games) announce their new partnership to jointly promote and improve the 2nd generation browser-based MMORTS Lords Online.

George Vanous, CEO of TGN, shared his thoughts on the partnership:

"IGG has shown incredible growth and foresight in developing Lords Online, a game that combines Evony mechanics with a 3D combat system based on AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) rules. We are excited to partner with IGG and bring Lords Online into the TGN family of game communities, starting with the new Lords Online wiki."



TGN acquires Stratics

May 19, 2010 — announces its merger with TGN and welcomes its new CEO, George Vanous, and its new vision.

Stratics is the site that started it all 13 years ago and has built its brand delivering quality game guides and news for top MMOs like Ultima Online, Lineage 2 and World of Warcraft. TGN works closely with EA (Electronic Arts), Frogster, Funcom and a growing list of top game companies to create large game communities and platforms for popular games like Aion and League of Legends.


TGN announces new VP of engineering

Jun 1, 2010 — THEGAMENET welcomes its new VP of Engineering, Yingwu Zhong.

Yingwu is a senior architect of high-volume consumer-based websites and enterprise software.  Recently, he developed one of the top ten Facebook applications, and he brings this experience in social gaming and media to TGN. Yingwu will lead the effort to design the next generation TGN Stratics platform and we are excited to have him join our team!