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Create videos

Follow this guide to create professional in-game videos on YouTube.

Step 1: Get the tools



Pick your parts from newegg, have them assembled professionally

If money is no object

Silent water-cooled case

Full SSD hard drive

Current best (with 3.5" mounting bracket)

Crucial 128gb - $130

Crucial 256gb - $250

Crucial 512gb - $610

Update to latest firmware

Switch Windows 7 from IDE mode to AHCI (must change a registry value to force it to install the correct drivers)
- See "Feedback" tab on Newegg link above

Hybrid SSD hard drive

Speed comparison by Seagate

2.5" SATA

2.5" Notebook


Comes with a green screen!
Recommended by Connor Brady


Best one
Logitech C910 USB 2.0 1080p HD Pro Webcam

Video cam

^-- What Hengest used to film this

^-- Same camera

Helmet cam


Green Screen




More green screens

Chroma key basic example

Chroma key professional example

Console recorder

To record game console footage, some prefer Hauppage, some Avermedia.




Get a professional microphone and pop filter

Condenser microphones are more fragile, but higher quality. Pop filters remove breathing and sharp P's

Great condenser microphone

Pop filter


(All three for $150-170)

Recommended by Christos Obretenov

Cheaper (and great) condenser microphone

Also on Newegg

Use the middle setting and speak close to the microphone (almost touching the pop filter, and the pop filter is almost touching the microphone).

Pop filter, four layers

Cheaper one, only one layer

What TotalHalibut uses

Use this Audacity equalizer settings file to minimize the P's and S's (most get removed by the pop filter, but this removes the few that get through).

TODO: Where is this file?

^-- Tobias and Chris Voltsis recommend

beyerdynamics mmx 300 is a top-quality headset and condenser mic, $350+
More affordable, get Snowball or the at2020 
For headset, try the Sennheiser pc 151 or 360


Comfortable, good microphone quality, wireless!

Hard drive

Your hard drive must be able to  maintain at least 30 mb/s to record at HD.
  • 30 mb/s at 720p
  • 60 mb/s at 1080p
Do not record to your C: drive - Windows keeps this drive busy.

  • SATA D: drive (IDE is too slow)
  • eSATA (external SATA) drive
  • USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 is too slow)
Recommended 2tb SATA drive

Capture console video

Great 720p quality!

Pen and Tablet


The tablet is a USB interface device.

See it in action

The Medium size tablet in my opinion is the best size as I can easily put it on one knee while commentating - this is the model I linked above.

The tablet comes with some software keys after you register.  I recommend applying to get all the keys and download all of the software as it costs nothing extra.

The program I use is the Autodesk Sketchpad 2011 (one of the free keys) as it supports the pen weight sensing and layers.  Since I spent most of my high school years after class working in an architects office, my writing works best with a soft lead pencil, which the Autodesk software supports.  I also picked up Inkscape for doing vector graphics when needed (a la Corel Draw), as well as The GIMP which is my Photoshop replacement.  Both are GNU software foundation products (from my linux background) and also FREE!


Fraps is the best realtime video capture tool.

Recommended hotkeys
  • Prt Scr
    Screenshot hotkey

  • Scroll Lock
    Video capture hotkey

  • Pause
    FPS overlay hotkey

In the Movies tab
  • Check "Hide mouse cursor in video"
    Only show the cursor when recording reviews or guides that need it

  • 30 fps full-size
    Record at "30 fps" and "Full-size"
    YouTube converts videos to 30 fps

While playing a game, the fps is color coded
  • Yellow

    Fraps is idle and shows the current fps

  • Pink
    Cache recording only the last 30 seconds
    Hold Scroll Lock for one second until it turns pink

    Always use cache mode.

    This way, Fraps is constantly recording but keeps only the last 30 seconds. You don't run out of hard disk space, and if something exciting just happened, it is recorded!

    Then, press Scroll Lock to enter normal recording mode (turns red).

  • Red
    Recording video
    Press Scroll Lock to turn recording on and off

    At 720p, one minute takes 1.6 gb of space
    At 1080p, one minute takes 3.6 gb of space

  • Black
    Press Prt Scr to take a screenshot

    Flashes black for half a second while taking the screenshot


Commentating is recording your voice while recording the game video.

Use a headset with a microphone in front of your mouth to minimize background noise. Do some tests to find the optimal recording volume where you can clearly hear your voice but not hear mouse clicks!

Use Free Sound Recorder to record your voice on a separate track

This has a global hotkey that starts recording while playing!

Use Audacity to remove noise (use the latest version, 1.3.12 beta as of now)

It is amazing! Your computer fan and other background noise just disappears.

Audacity does not have a global record hotkey

Fraps lets you record your voice from a microphone in the Movies tab
  • Check "Record external input"
But it does not create a separate audio track (it mixes into the main track).

Fraps uses the default Windows recording device. To choose another, use the Windows control panel to change the default recording device.

To record in Adobe Premiere CS5, follow these steps

Edit video

Adobe Premiere CS5 is the best video editing tool

Use premiere to add the video ender (see below) and apply transitions.

Step 2: Capture the video


Use Fraps to record all videos at 30 frames per second in either
  • 720p (1280 x 720)
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080)
YouTube adds an "HD" suffix to distinguish these video as "high-definition"

1080p vs 720p

1080p is noticeably sharper than 720p.

Use 1080p if

  • Game supports it

    Some games do not go up to 1920 x 1080

  • Hardware supports it

    If the recorded video cannot maintain a steady 30 frames per second and is jerky, use 1280 x 720

  • Font is readable

    If the font is hard to read after uploading to YouTube, increase the game font size (if you can) or use 1280 x 720

For more information, see

Step 3: Edit the video

Template projects

Create all videos in one of these Adobe Premiere CS5 template projects



"A video on every wiki page" is our motto.

Each video should visualize a concept or answer a question.

For example


"10-60 seconds" is the ideal video length.

Focus on one topic, then add the videos to a wiki page.

For example

Long videos

Some videos will be longer than a minute, like a collection or a full review

Collection example

Full review example

Pre-roll / Post-roll

Do not create a custom pre-roll or post-roll.

We know you can make a much cooler ender, but we want people to say, "Oh! I've seen that before on that other video!" Brand recognition and one consistent ender will help all of our videos become more popular over time.

Use the enders in the template projects above, replacing the last text with the correct game and company name.

For example
Divine Souls (c) Outspark

Step 4: Publish the video

Upload to YouTube

Upload all videos to the appropriate TGN channel.

See all TGN channels

Contact TGN for the YouTube username / password

Consistent title, description and tags


Start every title with "TGN"

For example
TGN Fighter Combo 9: Earthquake - Divine Souls


Start every description with a URL and an em dash (Alt+0151)

For example — Elbow from the sky, the 9th Fighter combo "Earthquake" in Divine Souls.


Start all tags with "tgn thegamenet"

For example
tgn thegamenet "divine souls" fighter combo

Why do this?

All this helps YouTube recommend other TGN videos in the right sidebar.


If there is text in the video, create transcripts on TGN Tube.

For example

Black Bars

If your video has black bars on YouTube, you didn't record at one of these two resolutions
  • 1280 x 720
  • 1920 x 1080
If you record at a different resolution, like 1680 x 1050, YouTube scales down to 1280 x 720 and adds black bars as padding if the aspect ratio is different.
  • 1280 / 720 = 1.7778
  • 1680 / 1050 = 1.6


HD Suffix on YouTube

Adobe Premiere CS5 training video

Sony Vegas 9 training video

Pre-roll / Post-roll example

Title, Description, Tags Example

Why do this? example