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2010-03-02 by George Vanous, Editor

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Runes of Magic is a free-to-play MMORPG, originally developed by the Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment, and later adapted for the English and German speaking markets by the German company Frogster Interactive.

The game launched on Mar 19, 2009 and became an instant hint!

Runes of Magic is free-to-play, but players can buy from the Item Shop for real money transactions (RMT). Like every other free-to-play game, this is how Runes of Magic can be free!

The dual-class system is one of the most popular features of the game.

For a great guide, see

This guide shows secondary skills for each class

This guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of dual-classing

Elite skills are a critical aspect to dual-classing, covered by this guide

Elite skills

List of elite skills upto level 25

List of elite skills level 30

Materials for elite skills

Discussion about the two new Elven classes: Druid and Warden

About the Battle Monk stance for priests

Note: Final Fantasy 11 was the first MMO that allowed dual-classing.

Runes of Magic Review

I started playing on Jan 8 2010 and became a level 14 priest and level 14 warrior in less than 8 hours.

The game starts as a typical MMO leveling treadmill, but something special happens at level 10 (in 2 hours): you get to choose your second class!

The dual-classing system is unique and a lot of fun. Each pairing gets elite skills, and order matters! For example, a priest / warrior is different from a warrior / priest.

The quests are also surprisingly interesting. There are many series that follow a story and give progressively better quest rewards until the final quest. For example, the kobolds are amassing, and you must thin their numbers. Fight your way into their camp and find a hidden crate. Next, defeat a large number of kobold medics and gatherers. Finally, uncover a spy in your camp, and get surprise-attacked by two, then three, then four at once! When you finally best the spy, he stops to listen to you and agrees to negotiate a truce between the kobolds (his allies) and you. Fun fun!

There are plenty of opponents that will kill you, leaving a long list of vendetta's to collect at higher level. In fact, every boss is so tough, you will die in 2 shots at the same level.

The dungeons are very difficult, and there is limited crowd control. You will be fighting four opponents at the same time very often. Prepare to die often!

A very cool feature
  • Soulbound items can be shared among all your character classes (wow!)
In every other game, if you bind an item to your character, you cannot give it to anyone else. Not so in RoM!

Other cool features
  • Clear warnings when a boss is near! (who will surely kill you if he comes near you)
  • Dogs run very fast and hit hard (makes that area of the game very challenging)
  • Fast and furious action

Runes of Magic Tips

Get the Curse client

To see stat effects in-game

Explanation of RoM stats

Yellow stats explained

Forum thread about Rogue stats

"if i was a rogue/knight id tell you right now i would try to get fright, cruel, ravage, slaughter, and redemption and a filler stat... what would that be? razor or repentance! wow that was amazing, i just made almost an entire piece of gear with stats designed for my class, spreading out the attributes equally and not taking away from other classes! it must be a miracle... oh but this is just from hoto stats!"

Knight + Rogue sounds interesting!

Press Backspace while in-game, it brings up a world-search, including a quest search!

Do your 10 daily quests every day.

At end-game, talent points are too few. If you have a choice, always choose talent point potions over experience point potions.

Join a senior guild. They will help you, at least with information.

Blend runes are the most rare drop (alchemy), Link runes the most common

Activate runes sell well in the auction house and drop often.

Guilds offer many benefits, like erase experience debt overnight

Do instance runs at all levels. Get used to playing your character in a group, get good items from the boss, experience is low.

Save up and buy 5-star gear from auction house.

It takes 1 week to go from L30-L50 if you play regularly

Runes of Magic Disadvantages

For all that Runes of Magic does right, it also has many disadvantages.

One big problem: PvP is broken!

For example, a Level 50 player who does not pay will typically have 4,000-6,000 HP.

Players who pay will have 12,000-22,000 HP, do 5-10 times damage, and take half the damage of players who pay!

RoM is a good PvE game, but the dungeons are unpolished, unfinished and unbalanced. They are just too hard.

Monsters will kill you in 2-3 shots, and 5 will come at a time.

The biggest problem: You cannot do end-game content without paying money.

Arcane Chamber of Sathkur

This dungeon is really different and fun. It reminds me of the old NWN or Dungeon Siege games, where you have to solve puzzles. Plus, the loot that drops from the last boss is pretty good for that level. 

In the last chamber, the boss plays a "Simon Says" game. You watch the pattern in which the braziers are lit and then repeat it. 

The way I do it is that i back up enough so i can see all of them. I assign each one a number 1-5. As each one lights up I type each number into chat. Voila!

The easiest way is to write a "blank" drawing of the six fire posts. That way, you just write with a lead pen the number of which post is lit and you repeat the pattern. When the boss comes out, you always have loot from it, always but if you do not loot it or leave some loot on it, you won't be able to move to the next phase. 

Here's how the puzzle works. You talk to the capra in the center, he'll start the puzzle. He lights the braziers in a pattern. You have to imitate the pattern by lighting the brazier. Sometimes braziers light twice in a row, so be careful not to light one twice. If you mess up a pattern (too slow or wrong order), a bunch of mobs spawn. 

You'll have to hustle to do it solo. Start the puzzle, and work to see the whole room. See the first flame and run over there, watching the pattern. You have to do 3 patterns I think. The first pattern is 3 long, the second is 5, and the third is 7 (I can't remember exactly, so don't blame me if I'm wrong there). 

After each pattern, a boss monster will appear, which you should kill, and should drop nice loots for level 20s. After that, a port opens up to escape the room. 

You won't get out unless you loot the mob totally, then the body disappears and the portal opens. 

So what is the puzzle? He says "watch the flames" but there aren't any flames. If you watch for flames to appear, nothing happens for 10 or 15 seconds, then the gang of 15th and 16th elites attack and you fail the test. You can light one brazier out of the 5, which takes 5-10 seconds to run over and light it, then the monsters appear and attack and you fail the test. I even tried ignoring the monsters and lighting other braziers, but only one can be lit. There is nothing else in there to look at or interact with, and I tried each of the 3 things above two times each. So what am I missing, besides the 30 minutes of play time I wasted?