World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the third World of Warcraft expansion, following Burning Crusade and The Lich King.

Announced officially on Aug 21 2009 at BlizzCon 2009, Cataclysm introduces two new races, many new class/race combinations and increases the level cap to 85.

Two New Races

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm introduces to new races
  • The worgen for the Alliance
  • The goblins for the Horde


From the official World of Warcraft Cataclysm website:

An ancient evil lies dormant within Deepholm, the domain of earth in the Elemental Plane.

Hidden away in a secluded sanctuary, the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing has waited, recovering from the wounds of his last battle against Azeroth and biding his time until he can reforge the world in molten fire.

Soon, Deathwing the Destroyer will return to Azeroth, and his eruption from Deepholm will sunder the world, leaving a festering wound across the continents. As the Horde and Alliance race to the epicenter of the cataclysm, the kingdoms of Azeroth will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation.

Expansion Summary

Summary of changes in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
  • Level cap increased to 85

  • Zones are destroyed in lava in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

  • The Barrens has been split into two, and is full of canyons of lava

  • Wetlands and Ashenvale are destroyed

  • New race for the Alliance: Worgen
    Classes: death knight, hunter, mage, priest, rogue, druid, warlock and warrior

  • New race for the Horde: Goblins
    Classes: death knight, shaman, hunter, mage, priest, rogue, warlock and warrior

  • New Race / Class combinations
    Alliance: gnome priests, night elf mages, human hunters, dwarf mages, dwarf shamans
    Horde: blood elf warriors, troll druids, tauren priests, tauren paladins, orc mages and undead hunters

  • New monsters, quests, and zones

  • Several new dungeons and raids

  • 3 new battlegrounds (including "Battle for Gilneas City") and a new WG-like PvP zone, Tol Barad

  • Classic zones forever changed by the Cataclysm (the changes will be made available to all players regardless of expansion purchase)

  • Ability to fly anywhere due to the Azeroth revamp

  • Guild advancement system, which includes guild leveling, talents, achievements, and accessories

  • Revamped character progression via the Paths of the Titans, Archaeology, the new secondary profession, and Ancient glyphs

  • Rated battlegrounds, an alternative way to earn arena points

  • Ragnaros was banished in the Molten Core, but has now returned to burn Nordrassil

  • Malfurion Stormrage has returned from the Emerald Dream to help defend Hyjal

  • Profession cap raised to 525 and will be named Illustrious

  • New ability for Jewelcrafters, Engineers, Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and Tailors called "Reforging"

  • Stats armor penetration, attack power, block value,defense, mp5, and spell power are being removed from the game

  • Prominent figures